Sunday, March 29, 2015

5th 5K day and a Beautiful Weekend

Brendan and I ran our fifth 5K yesterday morning! While I didn't break my previous record and came in 1 minute 24 seconds over, I was still proud that I showed up and tried. Brendan ran the first 2 miles with me and still came in second in his age group. He points out many in his age group were running the 10k or the half. Speaking of which, I learned a valuable lesson yesterday at the energy city race...never again sign up for a race that has too many things going on. Yesterday's race featured 1, 5, 10K's, and a half marathon. We started 20 minutes late, and the organizers wouldn't post any results until everyone was done with the half. Not wanting to hang out and wait an hour for results, we left and didn't see results until late last night (and originally the half results got posted three times with no other results posted). The race raised money to help single moms, and I'm glad we did it for that alone, but next time I'm sticking to 5K only races. 

After the race, Brendan headed to starbucks to get some grading done. We are scheduled to get internet service tomorrow and officially rejoin the 21st century (fingers crossed)! While he graded, I stayed home and recuperated. Last night, we picked up my friend Kristen from the airport, and the three of us went to see It Follows, which was the best horror movie I've seen since Mama. I absolutely recommend it if you like smart and fun scary movies. It totally creeped me out! I spent the whole movie holding onto both Kristen and Brendan, and I screamed a few times. 

Today, Brendan and I saw MCT's Greater Tuna, which was hilarious. We're enjoying the 90 degree weather (don't hate us) and planning to eat dinner (crockpot stuffed peppers) on the patio. Other than that, we are planning to power through the next 3 days and then enjoy Easter break. We hope everyone had a great weekend. 

S&B and L&Z

Friday, March 27, 2015

It's the Weekend Baby!

The most needed weekend of our semester has arrived!

Though we normally have time to grade on Thursdays, I filled in for a missing tutor yesterday, and we hosted the induction ceremony for the club we advise together last night. The induction ceremony takes a lot out of us: there are invitations to send, programs to make, food to buy, supplies to order from the national office, and the list goes on. However, it is one of the most rewarding days of our semester. The 40 students involved collectively contributed 198 hours of community service to the club, campus, and city, all related to reading and writing. They tutored people of all ages, read to the blind, worked at public libraries and assisted teachers in preschool and elementary classrooms. These students are pretty awesome, and we are lucky to be a part of their lives. 

The Vice President and President attended the ceremony and volunteered some funds for the club, so that is awesome. We have a super supportive community and just today picked up 20 free tickets to take them to a local production of west side story in April. Pretty cool! 

Anyway, needless to say, I had to stay at work late today to finish grading American literature essays, but now that that's done, I'm feeling awesome...well except for the fact that I'm running a 5K tomorrow that I didn't train for. Life gets in the way of my ideas about how I will prep for races! I'm not too mad at myself because this semester has been nuts with moving, not having internet, and with the house needing several warranty covered visits for small repairs (nothing serious but just the builder being hasty and neglecting certain tasks that should have been attended to before we moved in). Luckily, we should have internet Monday (fingers crossed). 

I'm so happy about the upcoming weekend and the beautiful weather we've been having. Easter vacation makes next week super short too, so all is right in the world! 

Happy Friday night! I got a sweet potato, green beans, and sour gummy worms with my name on them! 
S&B and L&Z 

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Future Plans

Brendan and I took a big step yesterday and started saving for our retirement by opening Roth IRAs. We have two other retirement accounts through work, but we decided the earlier that we get serious about saving, then the earlier retirement is possible.

We did a lot of research and also consulted with my mom's financial adviser. We found no fee for start up and transfers accounts and that was important to us. We set it up so that we automatically contribute the maximum for last tax year and this one. I like having less bills to think about paying, and it also eliminates the temptation to think of saving for retirement as an option when it really should be a top priority. 

And so is this calculator: 

I'm not an expert, but I do watch a lot of Suze Orman. We follow her advice about putting 20%-25% of take home pay towards retirement and emergency savings. Ultimately, life is chaotic and unpredictable, so even the best laid plans can never be perfect, but we hope for long lives and the means to live them comfortably. If you are young, keep in mind that saving something is better than saving nothing and feel empowered not overwhelmed. 

We've set new financial goals to work toward, as having goals is highly motivating, but for now, we're feeling good about our most recent step. Here's to the future! 
<3 S&B & L&Z 

Friday, March 20, 2015

Start of Spring

Hello friends! 

There is still no internet around here, but I can easily update on my phone. We've had a busy back from break week, and so we're happy to welcome the weekend and Spring today. 

We've done a few home improvements!  Before spring break, we finally figured out what to do with our built in display shelf. Our friend Amanda made this vase, and I found the "flowers" at Target. 
Our friend, Dagan, made us this print, which we hung in our red kitchen.

We're lucky to have such creative and talented friends! 

The Tuesday of spring break, we got some red bar chairs to match the kitchen: 

And this Tuesday, our long awaited bedroom furniture arrived: 

At first, this furniture felt "too tall," but the longer we have it, the more it seems to fit in. I like having extra drawer space, and my clothes are organized for the first time since we moved here. When there isn't enough clothes storage, it is basically impossible to keep a closet functional. I look forward to putting some finishing touches on the closet soon. 

We also have some work to do in our yard this spring. All of our money goes to improving the house lately, but I've never felt more "at home" since I left my childhood home at 18. We try to look for more budget friendly options, like ordering the furniture from, which has brand name furniture for less (we saved $540 vs. ordering from a store in town). We're definitely going to be posting about landscape on a budget this spring, so stay tuned. 

What do you have planned for your weekend? We have sweet potatoes in the oven, and I'm enjoying resting and relaxing in my clean house. Here's to the start of spring and the weekend! 
<3 s, b, L&Z 

Saturday, March 14, 2015

The Other Half Goes to Spring Training

My 2015 blogging efforts have been lacking due to the busyness of the move + the lack of internet at our new home, but I wanted to check in from spring break. We spent the first four days in Midland, and then we came to Austin on Wednesday. Brendan left via plane very early on Thursday morning for Red Sox spring training in Fort Myers, FL with his Dad and grandparents, and I stayed here to visit with family and friends. 

Here is a very important Red Sox. I'm not sure which one, but I'm assuming he's kind of a big deal because it's the one photo that Brendan sent so far. Come to think of it, I thought the Red Sox wear navy, so maybe this isn't a Red Sox at all! Maybe this is just a picture of a field. Who knows.

This person might be important. 
What I do know is that I got my hair highlighted and cut: 

Also, I did the following Austin activities: 

Brunch with my friend Kelsey
An eye exam (my vision is slightly worse, necessitating new contacts and glasses)
Shopping at Buffalo Exchange
Battling 1 hour and 20 minutes of SXSW traffic (Ugh, it was so bad)

Dinner, drinks, and the Hyde Park Theatre play The Christians with my friend Cassie. It was a tragedy with some comedic moments and very moving. This show leaves you feeling raw and on the edge; I would strongly suggest a drink after seeing it. It stars HPT favorites Katherine Catmull and Ken Webster (husband and wife playing husband and wife), Tom Green and Joey Hood. Plus, it was the first time I saw Jessica Hughes, and she had one of the best scenes in the show and played it perfectly. All five actors get a stand out moment, which makes this ensemble piece spectacular. If you live in Austin, do yourself a favor and see this show which plays Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays until March 28th. Thursdays are pay what you can, which is always a good tip. 

Today, I had breakfast at Trudy's with my parents and then Amanda and I went to the steeping room and walked around the domain. It is a beautiful day out...

Now, if only I didn't have all these midterms to grade. 

I better get back to it. 
<3 S
Missing my other half B and our cats L&Z! 

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Happy Day, Happy Housewarming

Oh man! It's happy everything over here: happy weekend, happy spring break, happy housewarming, and happy I've had a few too many brunch drinks. 

We had about 20 of our friends over for a housewarming brunch this morning. I snapped a few pics before everyone arrived. We've been here 5 weeks, and I knew if we waited until the house was "perfect," we'd never have a party, so spring break seemed like good timing since we had some extra hours. The time change threw me off a bit, but the double ovens helped us make up some time! 

On our menu: 
Mini quiches
Pigs in a blanket 
Blueberry, cranberry orange, and lemon poppy seed muffins 
8 types of cheese with French bread, crackers, and apple and peach chutneys
Tomato mozzarella skewers with basil paste and balsamic vinegarette 
Fruit salad (strawberry, blueberry, pineapple, raspberry with mint) 
Veggies with ranch 
And Bloody Marys 

We had a great morning seeing our friends and eating too much. I have a weakness for brunch, so I'll probably spend the rest of the day in a fetal position being too full to move. 

And for Sunday, that is just fine with me! 

Happy weekend! 
S&B plus L&Z 
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