Sunday, March 29, 2015

5th 5K day and a Beautiful Weekend

Brendan and I ran our fifth 5K yesterday morning! While I didn't break my previous record and came in 1 minute 24 seconds over, I was still proud that I showed up and tried. Brendan ran the first 2 miles with me and still came in second in his age group. He points out many in his age group were running the 10k or the half. Speaking of which, I learned a valuable lesson yesterday at the energy city race...never again sign up for a race that has too many things going on. Yesterday's race featured 1, 5, 10K's, and a half marathon. We started 20 minutes late, and the organizers wouldn't post any results until everyone was done with the half. Not wanting to hang out and wait an hour for results, we left and didn't see results until late last night (and originally the half results got posted three times with no other results posted). The race raised money to help single moms, and I'm glad we did it for that alone, but next time I'm sticking to 5K only races. 

After the race, Brendan headed to starbucks to get some grading done. We are scheduled to get internet service tomorrow and officially rejoin the 21st century (fingers crossed)! While he graded, I stayed home and recuperated. Last night, we picked up my friend Kristen from the airport, and the three of us went to see It Follows, which was the best horror movie I've seen since Mama. I absolutely recommend it if you like smart and fun scary movies. It totally creeped me out! I spent the whole movie holding onto both Kristen and Brendan, and I screamed a few times. 

Today, Brendan and I saw MCT's Greater Tuna, which was hilarious. We're enjoying the 90 degree weather (don't hate us) and planning to eat dinner (crockpot stuffed peppers) on the patio. Other than that, we are planning to power through the next 3 days and then enjoy Easter break. We hope everyone had a great weekend. 

S&B and L&Z

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