Friday, March 20, 2015

Start of Spring

Hello friends! 

There is still no internet around here, but I can easily update on my phone. We've had a busy back from break week, and so we're happy to welcome the weekend and Spring today. 

We've done a few home improvements!  Before spring break, we finally figured out what to do with our built in display shelf. Our friend Amanda made this vase, and I found the "flowers" at Target. 
Our friend, Dagan, made us this print, which we hung in our red kitchen.

We're lucky to have such creative and talented friends! 

The Tuesday of spring break, we got some red bar chairs to match the kitchen: 

And this Tuesday, our long awaited bedroom furniture arrived: 

At first, this furniture felt "too tall," but the longer we have it, the more it seems to fit in. I like having extra drawer space, and my clothes are organized for the first time since we moved here. When there isn't enough clothes storage, it is basically impossible to keep a closet functional. I look forward to putting some finishing touches on the closet soon. 

We also have some work to do in our yard this spring. All of our money goes to improving the house lately, but I've never felt more "at home" since I left my childhood home at 18. We try to look for more budget friendly options, like ordering the furniture from, which has brand name furniture for less (we saved $540 vs. ordering from a store in town). We're definitely going to be posting about landscape on a budget this spring, so stay tuned. 

What do you have planned for your weekend? We have sweet potatoes in the oven, and I'm enjoying resting and relaxing in my clean house. Here's to the start of spring and the weekend! 
<3 s, b, L&Z 

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