Sunday, April 19, 2015

Building a Backyard From Scratch: Drought Resistant Planting

Our backyard efforts continued yesterday, starting with an early wake up to visit the Permian Basin Master Gardeners plant show (after the farmer's market, of course!) where we picked up eighteen plants and succulents for $125.00.

We then visited Alldredge Gardens to pick up more rock to finish the other flower bed and some more garden soil. We spent a good few hours out in the sun digging and planting.

I added a few more herbs on this side as well, including cilantro, fennel, chives, and lemongrass. I hope my herbs make it, but this spring is all about experimentation and discovering what does and doesn't work.

For the plants, we suck to things that like sunlight and require very little water. We also looked for plants that attract birds, bees, and butterflies. Maybe it worked already because we saw one white butterfly as we were planting.  In this bed, the plants toward the right in the photo are supposed to eventually grow to be about four feet wide and have some blooms. 

Around the flagstone path, we planted some succulents and drought resistant plants. It doesn't look like much now, but everything should grow up (some as tall as eight feet) and out and even flower a little. In the photos below, you can see the weed guard that Brendan put down a couple of weeks ago to keep the uncovered dirt from blowing around. 

Along the fence, we planted some yuccas and other drought resistant plants like sage. 

We do eventually want trees, some grass, and lots of gravel, but this is progress towards our little desert oasis! 

In other weekend news, we saw Jay Leno on Friday night when he did a performance at the college. It was nice to laugh a lot after such a busy week (and before another busy week starts!) 

And last night, we took a group of thirteen students to see the community theater production of West Side Story. At the end, the actor playing Tony proposed to the actress playing Maria. It was pretty cute! 

Today, our plans are: laundry, grading, preparing for week 14 of the semester (gasp!), and dinner and watching Game of Thrones with some friends tonight. 

We hope your Sunday is a Fun day!

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