Tuesday, May 19, 2015

All the News That's Fit to Blog!

Happy Tuesday. I hope everyone's week is off to a good start.

We have been staying fairly busy since I last checked in. Our busy Thursday last week ended with a successful end of year bowling party for the student group we advise together. We had nine students join us and bowled until 11:30PM. I was super tired because we had been up since 7:30AM for a long day of meetings.

Friday, we saw Fixing Up at the Midland community theater. The show was incredibly long, and our plan had been to eat afterwards, so we ended up eating dinner (Mexican food) at around 10:30PM. This was not my best plan to get a good night's sleep!

Saturday, I was up early for a barre class. It was my sixth workout of the week (3 yoga classes, 3 barre classes), and I felt super good afterwards, even though the class was tough.

Saturday night, we went to my favorite place in Midland, the drive in: 

Excuse the blurry photo; my camera was being weird. We loaded up the station wagon with beer, water, popcorn, candy, pillows and blankets for Mad Max. We loved the movie. It reminded me of Clockwork Orange in a lot of ways. There honestly isn't much dialogue in the entire film, but the movie still keeps the audience's interest, and the world is so imaginative and weird. I love seeing movies under the stars. There is something about the drive in that is just so romantic and nostalgic. We agreed to make it a point to go more this summer. We didn't stay for the second feature: Hot Pursuit. It had a rating of 6% on rotten tomatoes, so I knew we weren't missing much by leaving.

Sunday was mostly a "lazy day." It was the one day I didn't work out. Brendan did some work in the yard, and I finished Season 4 of HBO's Girls (I am now totally caught up) and applied a new Jamberry manicure/pedicure: 

As you can see, my technique isn't perfect, but it is getting better! 

Sunday night, we headed over to Dagan and Stephanie's for dinner and Game of Thrones. I'm still traumatized by the episode! We had a great dinner and nice evening sitting out on the porch though. The weather has been really nice and we've been getting a surprising amount of rain (which is good for our yard). 

Yesterday, we both worked on our online classes a lot. I went to yoga and went grocery shopping afterwards with Kristen. Both of us are aiming to eat healthier. My big goal of the week is to eat all my meals at home and workout five times. I also want to do more reading and am eagerly awaiting the arrival of a new Amazon order. My other goal is to spend a lot of time with Brendan. I leave town on Friday for my cousin's bachelorette weekend and bridal shower in Austin, and I am going to miss him so! I'm also very excited for the fun weekend ahead though. 

What are your goals for this week? 

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