Saturday, May 9, 2015

Building a Backyard from Scratch: River Rock Beds

There have been two Saturdays worth of work in between our last building a backyard post and this one.

Two Saturdays ago involved driving to a rock yard and handpicking lots of river rock to design two beds around plants we had already planted. Today involved planting more plants and filling in the beds with smaller river rock gravel.

Here are the results:

Some big picture/progress views: 

As I've mentioned before, the black weed guard is there to hold down the dirt and keep it from blowing everywhere in the wind. However, while it is still down, it is kind of hard to get a real feel for our progress. We will eventually put in some grass and then use crushed granite on top of the weed guard to cover areas that the grass doesn't cover. The next goal is one more river rock bed though. We really love the way that those turned out. I'd even say it was worth picking out rocks in the hot sun! 

You can see the other three posts in our backyard building series here. 

In other news: 


This year, I got a good seat in the front, so I took looks of pictures for graduating members of the club we advise. We have an end of year party with them all on Thursday, and I am sure am going to miss the students from this year's group! 

We celebrated the end of the semester tonight with some champagne and a healthy dinner of parsnips, radishes, carrots, green beans, and potatoes with roasted garlic. De-lic-ious! 

We hope your weekend is going along nicely. I'm super proud of myself because I managed to work out 5 times this past week AND get my final grades submitted. I'm feeling really good! It's also a really nice night to just sit out on the porch and daydream about summer. 

Happy weekend everyone. 

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