Friday, May 8, 2015

My First Fabletics Review + Tips

My cousin, Amanda, turned me on to Kate Hudson's new line of workout clothes, Fabletics

At first, I was skeptical because this is a membership program, but I was looking for a way to improve my workout wardrobe, which consists of a lot of run down t-shirts and some shorts/pants that I wear over and over again. I am a firm believer that no one needs to spend money on fancy clothes in order to workout, but if nice workout clothes make you motivated, confident, and happy, it is not a bad way to spend money. Still, the prices at fitness stores like Athleta and Lululemon are super high, so I was looking for an alternative. 

When I joined Fabletics as a VIP member, I saved half off my first outfit, and you can do the same if you're so inclined at the end of this post. I am not being paid to promote Fabletics, but if you sign up through my personal link, I will receive a $10 credit towards my next purchase, which I would greatly appreciate. 

Okay, so here is the deal: Fabletics is a membership program. On the first of every month, the company releases a line of new outfits, priced between $49.95  and $69.95. You take a short survey and they make recommendations based on how you typically workout (yoga, running, gym, etc.), but you will be able to see all the options. If you select an outfit, you will be billed for the price of the outfit. You also have the option to skip the month, not receive an outfit, and not be billed, but you must do so by the 5th of the month. If you make no selection by the 5th of the month, they will automatically charge your credit card $49.95. I write these dates down in my planner, and I know I won't have trouble keeping up with the system, but I know some people find this annoying. Of course, you can call the company and cancel at any time. 

The outfit I picked out was Mossyrock Park, which usually sells for $59.95. Since I got half off and free shipping (You will get free shipping every month as a member), my total was only $29.97. 

The Back Track Tee II in white is super comfortable, and I'm in love with the back detail. It would be perfect for my barre classes I've been going to. 

The Sevan Bandeau in turquoise is cute, comfortable, and perfect for lounging in or wearing under a strapless dress. However, I would not wear this bandeau to work out in. I was expecting exactly this going in, so I was not disappointed. 

The Sydney Capri in Black/Pop Pink Stripe is high quality and perfect for my Barre or Yoga classes.

I followed the size chart, which advised me to order S in pants and M in bras and tops. I followed that exactly, and I was happy with the fit. The capris are tight, but I believe that is how the style should fit. The website does have looser styles if that is what you are looking for.

I am looking forward to working out in these clothes tomorrow. I think overall, the quality of these pieces is very high, in line with Athleta for sure. I will continue to use my membership, but I will definitely skip out on some months, as I know I won't need new workout clothes every single month.

If you want to join Fabletics, I do have one BIG tip for you. Wait until the 1st of the month to sign up at all. When I followed the link to my cousin's referral, it limited the time I could get my first outfit for 1/2 off to one hour. On the first of the month, the new outfits have just come out and you will see less things marked as "sold out." I find the fact that some colors seem to sell out fast frustrating, so I highly advise waiting until the 1st, unless you find something you like and you can tell that they have your size in all the pieces.

My other tip is to just look at all the outfits. In the future, now that I won't have 1/2 off, I'll probably limit my search to the $49.95 category. Missing out on a light support sports bra would not have a big impact on me, since I can't wear light support for workouts anyway.

If you do sign up as a member of Fabletics, please use my personal referral link. You will get 50% off, and I will get a $10 credit. Win/win!

Have you ever tried Fabletics? What outfit did you get this month?

Having recently submitted my final grades, I am off to eat dinner before enjoying the graduation ceremony.

Here's to meeting goals in and out of the gym!

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