Sunday, June 7, 2015

Alaskan Cruise Part Two: Sitka, Ketchikan, and Victoria, BC

Greetings from a coffee shop in Seattle! We were a little sad to get off the ship this morning because we just had so much fun on our cruise. Here's a look at the last few days. 

Sitka was a small and quaint town. Our tour wasn't until 1:00pm, so we got off around 10:30 and walked around taking pictures and later found a coffee shop. I got this great picture of our ship: 

At 1:00, we headed to suit up for the day's excursion. We chose to explore the volcano coast by ocean raft. We took a 6-seater 50mph raft ride. Because of the cold and the speed, we needed full exposure suits. We also had full face masks not pictured. 

Our trip was incredibly fun, but the best part was visiting a colony of sea otters. Because I had on two layers of gloves, phone photos weren't feasible, but Bren snapped lots of photos. The otters were so playful. They eat 25% of their body weight everyday, so they were munching away on seaweed. I loved them! 

The next morning, we were up early for our 7:30am kayaking trip in Ketchikan to eagle island. We suited up again, this time in kayak skirts: 
Very effective for staying dry! 

We were with a guide and one other couple from Australia on their honeymoon (congrats again Julie and chuang!) we saw many eagles and a nest. We learned that eagles mate for life. Once the baby eagles leave the nest, they are never welcome back because they are a threat to the new eaglets. 

It was low tide (13 feet lower than high tide), so we saw many starfish, jellyfish, and sea cucumbers. I even held a big purple starfish! The highlight though was a curious seal that followed our kayak and popped up many times to say hello. He looked like a cute little puppy. Again, Brendan has most of the photos. Our guide got a few on my camera: 

Brendan and I make a great kayaking team. I could have done this all day! 

Activities where we depend on one another and travel in general are so relationship enhancing for us. Seeing the beauty this world has to offer just makes me my happiest! 

We stopped at a local bar for beers and lunch before heading back on the boat.

That night was the second formal night: 

Goes without saying, but I love my family. Before dinner, we played Yahtzee together. 

The next and final stop yesterday was in Victoria, British Columbia. This city seemed amazing, and I only wish we'd had more time. We used our time to go to butchart gardens and the butterfly garden. 

Boompa (Brendan's grandfather) highly recommended the butchart gardens, and now I understand why. I never wanted to leave. 

This huge redwood is 81 years old...our grandparents are older though. 

Love him to pieces! 

A last sunset: 

And a big thanks to my mom for making this bucket list trip possible. We had the time of our lives! 

Next up: two days in Seattle! 

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