Friday, June 26, 2015

Patio Redux

Ahhhh the patio; a shady spot in our backyard that quickly became the perfect place for...

storing all our yard tools. Um, that is not how we meant to use it.

We needed a big time patio redux, but it was nothing that a trip to Target and Pier One couldn't remedy. Two sets of outdoor lights, one rug, and a few hours of sweeping, picking up trash, and moving our tools to more appropriate spots later, our patio looked like this...

Hallelujah! This looks SO MUCH better. Special thanks to Brendan for hanging the lights all the way around the patio. 

The rug is from Pier One, and I think it's so perfect to match the colors of our patio furniture. 

The lights are made by room essentials, and we got them at Target. You could use any old Christmas lights though! 

I love how the lights look at night as well. 

Happy weekend everyone. We hope it is a great one! 

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