Saturday, July 25, 2015

ATX & H-Town

Well, I didn't mean to let a week go by without updating, but it has been an incredibly busy few days.

On Sunday, we flew from Costa Rica to Austin. Everything was uneventful, except that our bags (which we were forced to check, though at least it was free to do so) were stranded in Dallas. They were delivered to my mom's house the next morning. We were reunited (temporarily) with Lola and Zoe. They seemed happy to see us, and I was so happy to have my foot warmers back!

On Monday, we met up with Graham and Erynn for breakfast at Kerbey Lane. Graham has accepted his position at Fraenkel Gallery and will be moving to San Francisco this coming Monday. Erynn is a photographer and filmmaker and will be joining Graham in San Francisco next month, as she is able to do her work from there as well. We had a lot of catching up to do, as we talked about what is next for them...very exciting! We also grabbed dinner with my mom Monday night.

On Tuesday, we left for La Marque, TX (near Galveston) to spend two days and two nights with Mimi. We had an amazing time staying up late talking, going out to lunch, doing crosswords, playing cards, and updating her digital picture frame with more family photos. We also got to see my aunt Sally. Mimi isn't a big fan of photos, but she let me snap this one before we left, and I love it. She is probably the blog's current biggest fan. Love you, Mimi!

On Thursday afternoon, we left Mimi's and checked in to our Houston hotel. It was finally time for the Red Sox vs. the Astros game that was Brendan's Christmas present from me! We left for a dinner at Ninfa's...they had delicious margaritas, vegetarian fajitas, and chocolate cake...we ate WAY too much, and I was so full. It was delicious though, and they provided us with a free roundtrip shuttle to and from Minute Maid Park, so it worked out great.

We were seated on row 14, directly behind the third base line. They were amazing seats (I researched a lot to find them).

It was a great game, even though the Red Sox ended up losing when the Astros scored a home-run in the bottom of the 9th. I was sad about that, but happy that it was such an interesting game.

Obviously, Brendan was really happy too. This man was in his element! It was truly his "Christmas in July."

I ended up being on TV somewhere (a person behind me showed me on his phone), but I don't know where to find it!

We got back to the hotel around midnight. On Friday morning, we needed to get on the road in order to make a 2:00pm windshield replacement appointment in Austin (it cracked when a rock hit it on the way to Mimi's house). On the road, I found out that my dad was in the hospital with abdominal pain. We were at Auto Glass Solutions at about 2:07pm, and they were finished by 3:00pm. It was reasonably priced and fast...we highly recommend them.

We drove straight to the house to await news on Dad (my brother was at the hospital with him). Dad texted us and told us that his appendix would have to be surgically removed. We all drove to the hospital to meet him before the surgery. I wasn't worried at all until I actually saw my dad prepped for surgery. Then I felt a bit anxious, but my brother reassured me that, statistically, the surgery was very, very safe. My mom waited in the waiting room while the three of us went next door to get some food. As soon as Brendan and I came back (great timing), the doctor came out with news: the surgery had gone well, and my dad was in recovery. We waited about two more hours to see him, and we visited a little before leaving him to get some rest (they kept him overnight for observation). Luckily, Dad got to come home at 11:00am this morning. He is up and walking around, and I am impressed at the speed of his recovery!

I had a hair appointment booked for this morning, and I enjoyed seeing Peyton at Bob Salon once again. She does a great job on the color and cut, and I love it every time.

We are looking forward to cousin time tonight with Amanda and Matt (and Amanda and I plan on it involving sushi--which I'm pretty much always thinking about). We hope your weekend is less eventful than ours so far (in a good way). May you keep your appendixes and your windshields!



  1. Those are some awesome seats!! Glad to hear your Dad is OK and recovering well!

  2. Thanks, Lora! We are glad he's okay too :)


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