Friday, July 17, 2015

Costa Rica: Back to Back Hiking Days

Greetings from Costa Rica! After our white water rafting adventure on Tuesday, we decided to take things easier on Wednesday and do a mostly downhill hike. We took a sky tram (like a gondola) to the top of a mountain and hiked down. 
Views of the lake from above were breathtaking. 

Seeing two waterfalls was the only up and down part of the hike. 

We saw howler monkeys, coatis, butterflies, colorful beetles, hummingbirds, and a tayra! 
Another big attraction was the hanging bridges
470 feet across, 230 feet high and above the tree tops. These things sway and shake (especially when Brendan jumped on them).

On the way home, more coatis and 100s of yellow butterflies clustered together. 
That night, we went out for a nice dinner at tifakara and Brendan finally saw a tree frog: 

The next day, we were up early for a 1.5 hour drive to hike rio Celeste (the blue river). We picked up sandwiches along the way for a picnic. The water was bright brilliant blue, but it looks a little greenish in the photos. 

It was a very muddy hike, but very worth it to see a wonder of nature!

Smelled like sulfur in some places due to the volcano pressure vents under water. 

The "bridges" were of the hold on and pray variety. 
Here is the point where the two rivers mix (each carries natural chemicals that mix to cause the blue).
We saw a sloth and lots of butterflies. 

Afterwards, we went to the hot tub and enjoyed both happy hours at our hotel. Today: more hot springs! 

Happy Friday everyone! 

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