Saturday, July 11, 2015

Costa Rica: Beach Daze

Our goal for this part of the trip was to be beach bums, and we accomplished our mission. 

Thursday was cloudy, so we were able to spend quite a lot of time at the closest beach. I love being in the water, so I was super happy. We came back to our hotel and talked with the only other guests who are from Munich. We told them all about our last summer's travels. Germans get 6 weeks of holiday, but by working overtime can earn 10-11 weeks. I think we could take a page from that book as a country! Time is truly its own currency. We all saw a big iguana and monkeys in the trees near the pool. We also read by the pool and picked up snacks at the store. For dinner, we ate at gusto beach on the water. The warm chocolate cake was so amazing. We were so relaxed. 

Friday, we walked to nearby Carrillo beach. It was sunny, and we spent hours walking the beach and swimming (and got a little sunburned because we stayed so long). We left valuables in our safe, so I didn't get pictures. Dinner was some of the best pizza of my life at Mama Guis. An Italian man owns the restaurant...there are a lot of Italians in playa samara. Our hotel manager is Italian and explained the situation to us: the Italian government taxes people at 60%, so one has to work multiple jobs just to afford to live there and many choose to leave. Lucky for pizza lovers of Costa Rica. 

We also found a new bar with draft beer, so Brendan was thrilled after weeks of pilzer! 

Today, we drove the very rocky road to Nosara. I was freaked out a lot but no flat tire ensued. The nature preserve we wanted to hike at was closed, so we found the recommended La Luna restaurant on the beach instead. 

We had awesome margaritas and more wood fired pizza. 

On the way home, we stopped at Carrillo again: 
We walked in the tidal pools and found hermit crabs! 
I didn't want to leave. I love sitting on the beach and watching the waves. 

We leave tomorrow for la fortuna. Bye bye beaches! Have a great weekend everyone! 
<3 s&b

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