Thursday, July 2, 2015

Costa Rica: Cerro de la Muerte

Greetings from Costa Rica! We arrived on Tuesday evening and spent the night in a hotel close to San Jose after picking up our rent car. The next day, we headed for our b&b near Dominical. There are two routes we could take, and we chose the longer and more scenic one: the mountain route. While consulting the guide book, I figured out the road we were on was also known as "mountain of death." Brendan had conveniently not mentioned that part. The good news (for our moms is) that the mountain has that nickname due to horseback riders...and we are riding in a Hyundai Tuscon. Honestly, it was mostly fine with a few moments I thought we'd either die, see a t-Rex, or both. It was pretty prehistoric looking. It is like Maui's road to Hana only with less tourists. 

Finding our b&b was a real trip. I thought we'd end up with multiple flats for sure (we are in the jungle on top of a mountain... The "road" is unpaved and super bumpy). I was freaking out a little (okay...lots)! When we found it though, I knew it was worth it. 

The pool overlooks the ocean, howler monkeys can be heard in the trees (a haunting but beautiful sound), and birds chirping is our wake up call. I honestly would consider living here. 

Today, we set out to explore two different beaches, picked up groceries, swam in our pool, and loved being in the sun. 

We came during rainy season, so it is pretty quiet, but so far we haven't seen rain. Just warm and sunny! 

I had a blast playing in the waves. The ocean is my happy place!

And Brendan is the perfect person to share adventure with. 

Tonight we ventured into Dominical for sushi. Each time we venture down the mountain, I give thanks for the absurd amount of rental car insurance protection we bought. Basically, we aren't liable for anything...and since no one in Costa Rica (besides car renters) is required to have car insurance...they drive like it. So I'm glad we're covered. And I'm glad for sushi. 

Costa Rica, so far it's love at first sight! 
<3 s&b 

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