Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Costa Rica: Kayaking the Mangroves and a Road Trip

Yesterday, Brendan and I were up early for our kayaking the mangroves tour. The tour guides took a group of 8 of us through the mangroves. I felt like I was in that scene in Jurassic World with the kayaking next to the dinosaurs ride...only without dinosaurs, which is an important distinction. 
We saw: iguanas, fish, crabs, Halloween crabs (multicolored and so neat), herons, butterflies, and of course mangroves (red and tea). 

Brendan got more pics...coming in 2 years when he develops them. 

After kayaking, we ate tacos with new friends Shay and Greg who also stayed at our b&b. I miss them already! A big group of 10 of us went to dinner at a pirate bar on our mountain and then played cards against humanity...the Canadian version, which was so wild. 

This morning we enjoyed a delicious breakfast and then had to say goodbye to tree of life cabinas. We had such a great time, and owners Ben and Nate are the perfect hosts. We planted a pineapple by the pool before leaving, a TLC tradition. 

Maybe we can come back for another anniversary one day. I hope! 

Up next, we were in the car for a day of driving. An hour in, we hit a standstill right before reaching parrita; we had to sit in the car for 66 minutes. Turns out, it was a protest. The taxi drivers were promised paved roads, and the government didn't deliver, so about 50 cabs blocked the road. Our drive ended up taking 7 hours, but it was very scenic, and we even stopped to check out these guys: 
Brendan had also downloaded serial for the drive. It is a radio program that investigates a murder trial that may or may not have led to a wrongful conviction...each episode is about 45 minutes, and it made the drive more interesting. 

We found our next hotel near the beach, and we are pleased with our room, view, and resort. We ate dinner by the pool and had a good view of 2 howler monkeys (just like at TLC). It was a lovely end to our big road trip adventure day. 
Up tomorrow: the beach. We hope everyone had a good Wednesday! 

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