Saturday, July 18, 2015

Costa Rica: Last Fortuna Day, Last Volcano

Hello from our 5th and final hotel! We have had an epic time in Costa Rica, and we head back to the states tomorrow. Here's how we spent our last two days. 

Yesterday was a drizzly day in la fortuna, plus we were tired from nearly constant activities. The perfect solution was more hot springs! We tried Eco thermales...about half the price of fancy tabocan (from the beginning of the week) and a lot smaller, but just as relaxing if not as over the top visually. 

Plus, the nature walk provided some excellent finds!
Frogs actually this tiny. Brendan was impressed I spotted them! 

We saw a crocodile, hummingbirds, and some lizards, and curassows too! We spent four hours in the hot springs, and it was a pretty perfect way to unwind from all the hikes! We played rummy last night, and I won (much to Brendan's general dislike). We finished wine we bought awhile ago (and still have another bottle for tonight). 

This morning, we checked out of our hotel around 8 and set the GPS for Poas volcano national park. We said bye to our volcano view: 

GPS knew the way (for once)! We arrived about 11:00am and spent two hours checking out the huge smoking craters and the lakes that formed in them in Poas:

It was pretty darn cool and also on the way back to San Jose. We were thrilled to fit in a final national park on our last day. We bought some delicious strawberries in condensed milk on our way down the mountain. It was a gorgeous drive too! Check out my from the window photos: 

We got a lot of rain on the tail end of the drive...but at least we were not at the park still because it poured! 

Our rental car return went so smoothly. A.) fast b.) they refunded us for returning it a day early (we wanted it done before tomorrow since our flight is early--and our hotel has an airport shuttle) and c.) they gave us a ride back to our hotel. Nice! We drove about 1200 miles and had no car damage or flat tires. I'm ready to throw a parade! 

But instead, we settled for gambling away our last $20.00 worth of big wins, but our parents would have approved! 

And that's all rats all folks! Fingers crossed for an uneventful flying day tomorrow and a safe return to the USA. I am looking forward to seeing my family, being reunited with Lola and Zoe, and to celebrating my brother's new job in San Francisco at the Fraenkel Art Gallery. We are so happy for him. 

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