Monday, July 6, 2015

Costa Rica: ziplining, hiking, anniversary, more hiking

Welcome to the blog's 500th post! Yes, I have written 500 of these things in 4 years, 5 months, and 5 days. Crazy! 

Our last few days in Costa Rica have been pretty eventful. Friday was ziplining with canopy safari: 
They had a LOT of long ziplines, a Tarzan swing, rappelling, and a big free fall. I loved it all, except the free fall! It was like tower of terror without the tower and only the terror. We swam at a beach after and ate dinner at a cute vegan place. 

Saturday, we were up early for hiking at Manuel Antonio. The park was pretty crowded, but we found space on the mirador and Congo trails. We spotted spider monkeys and a sloth, plus this super weird land crab and lots of lizards. 
The hike was four hours and we got so so hot. A dip in the ocean after was just what we needed! We made it back to our b&b for a Fourth of July party with about 60 expats and fireworks. We swam in the pool, met new friends, and enjoyed the great celebration! I saw about 10 howler monkeys from the pool when I wasn't even looking for them-how's that for irony??

Sunday was our two year anniversary. We wanted to do nothing but relax! Our hosts cooked us breakfast and dinner. We swam, walked, and read in the hammock. It was awesome. 

Today, we left at 5:30am and drove two hours (on death mountain) to Los quetzales national park for cloud forest hiking. Brendan had it on his must do Costa Rica list. We didn't see quetzals, but we saw trogons and tons of hummingbird varieties. 

Our hike was 4.5 hours, and you better believe we are tired! It reminded me of Germany's Black Forest. We had an early dinner in town, and it has been raining since we returned. We are planning an early bedtime, which won't be hard since it will be dark at 5:30pm (and gets light by 5:30am). Tomorrow, we will be up early again for kayaking. 

Adios! Hope everyone had a great holiday weekend. 

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