Tuesday, August 11, 2015

A Special Visitor

Hello Everyone! I hope your weekend and Monday were as good as ours.

On Friday night, Brendan and I cooked dinner (pasta with farmer's market tomatoes and our backyard basil) and enjoyed a low key night at home. We also got a call from my mom that she unexpectedly had Monday and Tuesday off of work and would be free for a visit. She wanted to visit her siblings in nearby San Angelo on Saturday, so her plan was to arrive here on Sunday afternoon and leave Tuesday morning. We said that sounded great!

On Saturday, we got up early for the farmer's market. We found everything that we could have wanted: tomatoes, two kinds of melons, onions, hot/bell/sweet peppers, lemon and regular cucumbers, pumpkin seeds, egg plant, homemade goat cheese (regular and pineapple/habanero), garlic, and yellow and zucchini squash. This is the best time of year for our market, and it makes me so happy! After shopping, we picked up breakfast to go at El Burrito, which we had never tried before. We liked the tacos, and we will definitely be back to try different breakfast offerings here in the future. After that, I attended a relaxation and stretching class (after five barre classes last week, I needed something at a relaxing pace). Then, we tackled the rest of our grocery shopping at HEB, made another delicious dinner (corn on the cob, potatoes with rosemary, and a market tomato/cucumber salad), and attended our friend's 30th birthday party. We watched Logan's Run at the party, which was new to me, but a very interesting dystopia movie from the 1970s.

On Sunday, we cleaned up the house to get ready for mom's arrival. She got here around 3:00pm, and I was so excited to give her a tour of our new and improved home (she visited the weekend after we moved in and had not seen the house since). We visited and then made quesadillas for dinner. At 9:00pm, when it was finally under 100 degrees (it has been horrifically and historically hot here), we ventured out to Target to take advantage of tax free weekend. I wanted some new teaching clothes, and my mom was sweet and bought one of my dresses for me. That night, we played Yahtzee, drank wine, and sat outside and visited.

The one picture I took of mom's visit! 

On Monday, I was up early for an 8:30am barre class. By the time I returned home, sweet Brendan was making us all breakfast tacos, which were awesome. Mom bought us movie tickets to go see a matinee of The Gift, which was super creepy. The movie wasn't as awesome as Gone Girl, but it was still really fun (in an anxiety provoking thriller way). After we got home, the rug Brendan and I ordered for the dining room finally arrived. We spent at least an hour arranging the room (after we realized the chandelier placement looked off, we had to turn the table and move all the furniture). The dining room looks AWESOME now, but I am going to wait until Brendan's parents have time to mail us his dad's art to hang, and then I want to share an entire house tour post with photos of our progress. Getting the dining room finished feels like a big deal because finally our house has no empty rooms. I LOVE the look of our house. It is everything that I hoped it would be! After we arranged the dining room, mom took us to dinner at La Bodega, one of my favorite places. After dinner, we finished our last three rounds of Yahtzee, and then at about 1:00am, we all sat outside for an hour watching the meteor shower.

We had a wonderful couple of days with my mom, and I was sad to see her go this morning after breakfast, but I'm looking forward to enjoying our last week of summer before work starts on Monday.

Don't forget, my drawing for 4 winners to win 3 bottles each of Club W wine is tonight...make sure to leave a comment on last Tuesday's post if you want to enter.

Have a great day everyone!

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