Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Four Years in Midland!

Whoa, can it really be?

Yep, four years ago today we arrived in Midland with our U-haul! We had a job and a half, a cute little apartment, and we had been dating less than a year.

Today, we have two full time jobs, a home we own, and we have been happily married for a couple of years. 

Four years really does change a lot!

In my three years in Midland post, I wrote that I thought I would bawl when we moved out of our apartment. But it turns out, I didn't. At all. I think that is because we continued to have access to the apartment for an entire month after we moved. Our move was so slow that I never truly felt like I was saying goodbye until I was already well "at home" in our house. Plus, I realized life in our home felt a lot more cozy than life in our apartment ever did (I hope I never have to share walls again). After 3.5 years of apartment living, the house was a change that we were definitely ready for, and one that has made a big difference in how much we (and Lola and Zoe) enjoy living in Midland.

Our careers here are also more satisfying than we ever could have imagined they would be when we arrived four years ago. The college takes GREAT care of us, and I feel lucky everyday that I get to work there. We've even been given more responsibilities (more on that later) and have been able to have opportunities that I never thought we would have this early in our careers.

Every year we stay here, I find more hobbies, more ways to get involved with the community, and more friends. Of course, we have to say goodbye too, as some friends move away, but we never anticipated having as large of a community here as we do. And gosh, honestly I could go on and on about the people we have met here. I really feel like I have a lot of loyal friends that care about me very much, and of course, they mean a lot to me too!

Though we never predicted it, Midland has become home (I've now lived here longer than I lived in NYC or Lake Charles), and I'm really excited to see what our next year here has in store for us.

Thanks for a great four years, Midland!

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