Sunday, August 16, 2015

Summertime Fitness (Including 2 Week Emergency Shred Review)

Happy Sunday funday everyone!

Now that it is our official last day of summer vacation, I thought it would be interesting to do a blog post on staying fit in summer. When your routine is totally off, and you are traveling, it can be incredibly hard to stay in shape. If your vacation happens to last 100 days, like mine, it can be almost impossible (I know, go grab your tiny violins). Here is a look at everything I did since the first official day of summer vacation, on May 9th, to stay in shape.

May was an awesome month for me. I was combining yoga classes with barre classes and working out nearly every single day. The first week of summer, I went to yoga 3 times and barre class 3 times. I had been working out very consistently since the third week of April, so I started to see payoff and was really motivated. These two classes are both expensive, but they go great together to improve strength and flexibility, and they also force you to use your mind in new ways. I wasn't worrying about cardio, and I still lost weight. I think this proves that the exercise you most enjoy is always going to be the most effective, no matter what you hear to the contrary! The second week, I went to yoga once and barre 4 times. The day of my last barre class, I went to Austin for my cousin's bachelorette weekend. I was in Austin for 8 days before leaving for Seattle for the cruise. I managed to squeeze in 2 barre classes, but that was it. We left for the cruise on May 30th.

While on the cruise, I managed to stay very active. I used the ship's gym 3 times and took classes in total body conditioning, yoga, and spinning (my first time, and all I can say is OUCH--I don't think spinning is the activity for me!). We also did a 4 mile hike and a tandem kayak trip as excursions. Despite eating delicious dinners every night, I felt like staying active balanced things out. In Seattle, we walked a lot, which was great for staying healthy. Still, when we returned home on June 11th, I was ready for something that would force me to stay committed. I googled "2 week fitness program" and Muscle and Fitness had a 2 week emergency shred program that came up. The program had 6 resistance and 6 cardio workouts, and it used interval training in each. I quickly convinced Brendan to do it with me, so I'd have some extra motivation. All I can say was this program left us so, so sore at first (like, hurts to move/sit/walk sore), and getting the cardio right on a treadmill (which we had to use since outside temperatures were already flaming) could be difficult to navigate, since the intervals change so quickly. Brendan also got very discouraged by how hard it was to keep form in weight lifting while doing 8 intervals in a row with only 10 second breaks in between each set. My solution to this was to use a little bit lighter weights, since it was a "marathon, not a sprint" type situation. I do not think either of us ever wish to do a mountain climber again! At the same time we were doing this, I took yoga class 4 times, so in the 16 days we were home, I completed 16 workouts, which was just crazy! I took before and after photos, hoping to see a big difference, but they looked honestly identical. Still, I felt change in how I felt, my strength, and how my clothes fit. While Brendan said he would never do the shred again, I think I would! We left for Austin on June 28th and left for Costa Rica on the 30th.

I wasn't using a gym or going to any classes while in Costa Rica, but we did stay pretty active. 6 days of our trip were days we spent hiking. We also did a kayak trip and a white water rafting trip. We spent another few days walking beaches and swimming. For the most part, we were active almost every day. We returned from Costa Rica on the 19th, but we had another 8 days in Austin and Houston. During these days, we were not active at all, and we also ate a LOT. The day after we got home, I weighed myself, and I was up 5 pounds from my pre-vacation weight. It was no big deal, but I did hope cooking all our meals again would did, but in one week, I'd only lost half a pound, and it was a new month, so I knew it was time to get back to working out.

I bought another unlimited month at my barre studio, and began taking classes 6 times a week. After 2 weeks of this, I still have 4 pounds of vacation weight to lose, but what I'm far more proud of is the fact that I worked out 54 times in 100 days. Staying active makes me feel healthy and good, and it can be a big challenge for me when things are "out of whack," so I consider this summer a big victory!

How do you stay in shape while vacationing? We're off to enjoy our LAST day of summer!


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