Saturday, August 1, 2015

The Return

Summer passes in supersonic mode these days!

We spent two more nights in Austin since my last update. Saturday, we went out to DK Sushi and a new to us bar called Black Star Co-op with Amanda and Matt. We had an awesome time, and it's crazy to think that the next time we see these two may be at their October wedding (69 days...what)!

Sunday, we picked up my bestie at the bus stop as she arrived to Austin from Houston (she lives in NYC but is visiting family in Texas). We went out to Hillside Farmacy (my first time) for a lovely dinner. Afterwards, I insisted we take this picture:

Me: One day we'll wish we had more pictures, Corley, so smile for the scrapbook I'll make us when we're 80.
 Corley: Okay, whatever. 

Monday, we drove back to Midland with the girls. We made great time, but we experienced car troubles about 10 minutes from home. On Tuesday, Brendan added power steering fluid, and we took my car for an oil has been driving fine ever since, so fingers crossed!

While we were gone, our house sitter did a great job keeping the backyard alive. I am SO pleased at how well our basil is doing. I always wanted to grow my own herbs! Everything except the cilantro has done well, but nothing took off like the basil.

Isn't this barrel cactus flower beautiful?

Finally, the cactus pads we planted are sprouting new pads.

Apache plume in full bloom...yep, I just included this photo, so I could use that rhyme.

We also noticed that the neighbor's sprinkler watered our compost pile, and both a mango tree and ginger grew as a result! We potted the plants, and we'll have to move them inside when it gets cold.

We probably won't ever grow a mango, but it's pretty, right?

In other news, since we've been home, we've been remarkably busy. We organized our office, which meant finally unpacking the last of the boxes from the move and finding new pieces of furniture. We have been slowly unpacking and doing mounds of laundry. We grocery shopped and have been enjoying cooking our own meals for a change.

Yeah Quesadilla night! 

Brendan set up his anniversary gift hammock in the backyard. There was weeding to do...bills to pay...a month's worth of mail to go through. All of it made me tired, so I had to use the hammock.

Yesterday, we went furniture shopping, and come Tuesday, our house will actually be fully furnished. I can't wait for the delivery truck to get here. Note that we didn't order this lift chair, much to Brendan's distress:

We've also been able to see friends, and today we hit the farmer's market for some great fresh produce (we just ate the most AMAZING canary melon for breakfast). On my to-do list today is organizing the office closet (it's a nightmare), cleaning out empty boxes from our dining room, and doing laundry. My reward will be drinks tonight with a friend!

Happy weekend everyone!

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