Thursday, September 10, 2015

Days Go By

Greetings from the chair in our bedroom. I didn't mean to let another week go by without blogging, but it happened in a flash with the long weekend making the work week super short. We had an excellent long weekend with Matt and Amanda. 

Drive in movies (Minons--my favorite-- and Mission Impossible):

Farmer's market:

Fancy dinner (Amanda put our basil to good use and made us amazing pesto plus a bunch of leftovers. Come to my kitchen and cook for me any day, Amanda!)

Plus GAME NIGHT with the most impressive version of Ticket to Ride ever. Matt won the first game, but I won the second!

We had lots of time to catch up, call relatives, collect wedding RSVPs, and sleep in. It was the best weekend of the semester so far! Also over the weekend, Brendan was able to replace my car battery and a part (best husband ever!). Goldie is currently in working order (fingers crossed). Thankfully, Amanda brought her new Subaru, so we had reliable and awesome weekend transportation. 

After Amanda and Matt headed back to Austin, we just relaxed for the rest of Monday. I think the four of us were pretty tired. I don't know why. We stayed up until after 3:00am Sunday. 

On Tuesday, it was back to work and back to barre classes for me. I took an unplanned week off due to illness last week since antibiotics had me feeling pretty wiped out. Returning to barre was hard but not as hard as when I returned after summer vacation, which gives me confidence that I didn't lose too much strength during the hiatus.

This week, I definitely got back into my teaching stride. It always takes me a few weeks to learn names and the personalities of my students. Once we're all comfortable, it's a great feeling, and the real progress can begin. My happiness dreams are made of a teaching day going well.  

Overall, it was a good week, though Brendan is still battling his cold, which we think Amanda caught (sorry, Amanda).

We have our first English Honor's Society meeting of the semester tomorrow afternoon, and we're looking forward to the weekend. I'll take a book from the page of these two and do some of nothing: 

Love those cats. 

Also, these two cut their real wedding cake ONE month from today: 

Are family and friends obsessed with this wedding? Yes. After having Matt in our lives for nearly 8.5 years, we are ready to see this knot get tied! Why else are we obsessed? This wedding is going to be darn fun. Stay tuned. 

(It's not good for me to get this excited right before bed). 

Sweet dreams. 

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