Sunday, September 20, 2015

Rest and Recovery Weekend Style

On Friday, I was feeling pretty much like grumpy cat:

Thursday had brought me a cold, and I was pretty convinced my weekend would be spent in sickness. However, thanks to the combination of DayQuil, Vicks Vapor Rub, Sudafed, and sleep (sleeping longer hours and propped up on a pillow), I seem to be kicking this cold much faster than Brendan did. I'm still feeling a little grumpy about the fact that I have been sick with one thing or another for three weeks (I think taking antibiotics did me in), but when I start to feel sorry for myself, I remind myself that my minor health issues could be so much worse and this is really no big deal. 

Friday night, we were pretty much exceptionally boring since I wasn't feeling well. We watched Shark Tank and 20/20 on TV, Brendan cooked us curry with veggies and tofu, and we played (wait for it) a million games of Yahtzee with buddies, our new obsession (my username is Stacyakamisspriss--hit me up!). I went to bed early, and I was surprised when I woke up Saturday feeling well enough for barre class. I made it out the door and left Brendan snoozing. It was my 4th workout of the week (Brendan worked out four times as well), and I feel really proud of us. I definitely needed a Saturday afternoon nap though. Thankfully, Zoe was game to be my napping buddy. Later, we ran our two errands of the day: Michael's to buy picture frames (with our coupon) and the grocery store. We decided to shop at Market Street this week, since we wanted to try their sushi and see how it compared to HEB's. 

Our plan had been to take a sushi picnic to the drive in movies, but about half an hour before we were supposed to leave, it started pouring rain. Lightening and thunder sent Lola and Zoe hiding under the bed. We decided to stay in instead and eat at our sushi bar (haha, get it?) and watch Netflix. 

The result is that Market Street sushi IS better than HEB. The fish is fresher. But the other result is that groceries at Market Street are much more expensive than HEB. Lesson learned! From now on, we will shop at HEB and only head to Market Street if we need some specialty items. By the way, our dinner last night was $30...considerably less expensive than going out for sushi. 

We choose the movie Nightcrawler on Netflix, and we both really liked it. It was a disturbing and fast paced thriller that kept me awake the whole time (which is saying a lot when I'm sick). 

I slept in this morning, made pancakes, and finally tackled the three loads of laundry that has been building up all week (am I the only one that is amazed at how never ending laundry is?). Brendan hung all of our art that we bought frames for yesterday. Here are the results: 

We bought this one of a kind print by our friend Dagan at the Kamiposi art show a few weeks ago. Now, it has a happy home above my printer in our office. 

Brendan took this photo in Alaska and printed it using his fancy printer. Now, it resides in our hallway.

I've wanted to frame and hang our marriage license for two years now (the Travis county licenses are beautiful), and we finally got around to it. It has a place next to the drawing of the tree we got married under that Brendan's dad drew for our wedding invitations. Needless to say, I love it.

Last, but not least, we also picked up this print at Kamiposi. We bought a red frame to match it, and it now has a perfect place in our living room (where it matches the red curtains and red rug just perfectly).

For tonight's Sunday night dinner, I made this. Not exactly healthy, but delicious nonetheless! We've taken to doing Sunday night dinners in our formal dining room. It gives us an excuse to use the room at least once a week. We've opened a bottle of my favorite wine, and I'm enjoying it now, and we're planning to watch the series premiere of Minority Report, a TV show based on the movie of the same name (on FOX). Other than that, I'll be putting away laundry and bracing myself for Monday. 

Have a great Sunday night! 

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