Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Slow Down September!

The title of this post says it all! September is halfway over, and that doesn't seem believable.

We had an excellent weekend. The highlights were: SeptemberFest Preview Party on Friday night, sleeping in Saturday, then attending barre while Brendan cooked us breakfast, and the drive in on Saturday night to see The Visit and No Escape. I probably have a dozen versions of this same photo. I really love the drive-in and just think it's the neatest place. Where else can you swing on a swing set in front of the screen before your movie starts?

The Visit gets an A+ from both of us, while No Escape gets a B from me and a C from Brendan.

Anyway, enough about the weekend. I realized that I have only been blogging about weekends because that is when I have time lately, but I want to talk about weekdays too, so here is what we've been up to in the first half of our week:

  • We have been actively practicing no snooze, (here is a post I wrote on why we don't hit snooze). The cats seem to have other agendas. Here is Lola on Monday morning, sleeping in our made up bed! 
  • I've been making the bed every single day for about a month now. I really enjoy how much tidier it makes our bedroom look, and it only takes about 60 seconds. 

  • This week, work took off. There is an avalanche of assignments to grade, two grants to write, tutors to train, and OH MY. Daily naps on my couch have been occurring as of late, which gives me just enough energy for my evening barre class. 
  • Yoga class started back tonight. I haven't been since May, and it was AMAZING to be back among friends, and it was nice to mix things up from barre. All that stretching felt REALLY good.
  • My fortune cookie read: "A judgement will rule in your favor." A darn good sign for someone that is turning in two grant applications this week. 
  • FINALLY, I have photo proof from that time I was on TV at the Red Sox vs. Astros game: 

Are there any movies casting for "worried Red Sox Fan #1, because I think my face here is extremely expressive! 
  • Lastly, our predicted temperature for tomorrow is 99, and Friday's expected temperature is 100. I CANNOT TAKE THIS ANYMORE. PLEASE let it be fall already. 
Sweet dreams everyone. I am off to bed! 

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