Friday, September 4, 2015

The Weekend We've Been Waiting For!

I feel like we CRAWLED to the finish line of this work week.

Between both of us not feeling well, a busy week at work, and my car deciding to act up, this week has been anything but easy (a little depressing, since it is only week two of the semester!) We are definitely ready for some relaxation and fun:

We have visitors coming all the way from Austin to make it a very special weekend. Can you guess who they are? Hint: They are getting married in 35 days.

If you guessed my cousin AMANDA and her fiancee MATT, you are right!

I absolutely love these two, and I can't wait for a weekend of cooking, games, and catching up.

This was just a quick update to say hi, but before I sign off, I need to ask for healing thoughts for the child of our mentor and dear friend, Amy. His name is Graham. Please send him positive thoughts. Brendan and I certainly are.

We sign off with love and well wishes to all. Have a restful, safe, and fun weekend.


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