Friday, October 30, 2015

October 2015 Stitch Fix Review

Greetings from the end of our super busy work week.

So much happened this week. In addition to all my normal work week stuff, somehow, I managed to:
a.) grade all American Literature midterms, essays, and a discussion board
b.) grade all of my Composition I midterms
c.) prep a comma workshop and teach two sessions of the workshop to a total of a 160 students
d.) train seven new tutors to work in the writing center
e.) mostly finish my conference paper (keyword: mostly),
and f.) prep my substitute for my Monday classes since we will be at the conference in Nashville, TN.

Did I mention I was tired?

When I came home today, I was excited to see a Stitch Fix package on my doorstep. For those of you that do not know what Stitch Fix is, you can read my first review of it here. If you decide to schedule a fix based on my review, please use my personal referral link to do so, and I will much appreciate the referral credit.

 This was my 7th Stitch Fix since I started using the service in February 2014.

My fix looked really promising this time, and I was excited to get to trying things on.

Up first was the Bryant top:

I thought this top was really cute, and Brendan said I looked skinny in it, so it was an obvious win! This was a keeper.

Next up was the Corinna Stripped Dolman Top:

My reaction to this was that it fits me nicely, but it is nothing special. I already have so much navy in my wardrobe too. I would have kept it if all my other items worked out nicely, just to get the 25% keep all discount, but that didn't end up happening, so this was a return for me.

Next was the Lauderdale Knit Cardigan:

Oh, Stitch Fix. They really want me to love oversize cardigans, but I just don't. The color is pretty, but this cardigan is the kind that you can't button, and I feel like it just hangs awkwardly and isn't as figure flattering as it could be. As soft as it was, it was still a return. 

I was so excited to try on this Juniper Dress because I loved the pattern when I saw it, and the dress is uber soft: 

But, no. I swear this dress has some kind of defect because the bottom and top are sewn to make that yellow stripe out of alignment. It's also pretty darn baggy for a small. This was a definite return. Too bad. At least I learned to write "No elastic waist dresses" on my style profile. They seem to just cinch in the wrong places on me. 

Finally, could the Thea Printed Dress be a success for me? 

You know, it's cute, but it's not amazing. The elastic waistband is still hitting at an awkward place on my body. Plus, this dress just kind of looks like something I would find at Target in the summer. I buy clothes at Target all the time, so I'm not dissing Target. I'm just saying that the dress looks really mainstream and not like anything special. The colors also remind me of summer, not fall. It was a return. 

So, in the end, I only kept one item, but it was a free item thanks to your referral credits :) I scheduled another fix for before Thanksgiving, so we'll see if the stylist does a better job next time. The service is fun, but it can be hit or miss. If I had once piece of advice for Stitch Fix, I would make it to let stylists stick with their customers fix after fix. If I had once piece of advice for you, it would be to make a Pinterest board and link to it from your style profile. Also, make sure all of your measurements stay super up to date. 

Have you tried a Stitch Fix this month? Did you like what you received? 

We are off to Nashville bright and early tomorrow. Please wish us safe travels! 

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  1. Stacy, I agree, I love the top! I also love the sweater though. I think the open longer cardigans look great for work! The bottom dress is cute, but definitely more mainstream and a summer style.


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