Friday, December 11, 2015


Grades and assessment documents are submitted, we donned our gay apparel, and we said goodbye to the co-workers we won't see for a month...

it can only mean one thing: WINTER BREAK IS HERE! 

Next week's pages are filled with my winter break to-dos: organizing the parts of the house we never had time to properly unpack (closets, we're coming for you!), finishing Christmas shopping, and even giving Zoe a bath (sorry, Zo!). There are also plans I'm seriously looking forward to like attending barre class everyday, having time to blog again, and spending quality time with Brendan and our friends (instead of spending quality time with hundreds of essays).

Another successful semester down. We made it!

Just a warning, if anyone needs anything from me, I'm going to look at you like this.

Leave me alone 
Here's to hoping you get the break you need too!

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