Thursday, January 14, 2016

First Week Back

Ah, the first week back at work. Waking up naturally is replaced with getting up at the sound of the alarm, wearing PJs all day is traded for dressing professionally, and gourmet dinners in the dining room have become more like hummus, chips, and veggies on the couch.

Okay, exactly like that:

Well, we took matter into our own hands and ordered a bar cart for our dining room. Moscow Mules, anyone?

I recommend for affordable bar carts! 
Jokes aside though, the first week back has been fine, except for Tuesday when a headache left me in bed for five hours in the middle of the day. I rarely get painful headaches, so that was a nasty surprise. Luckily, it waited until after my meetings to start.

I returned to yoga last night, and it was so great to be back and to resume dinners with my friend Kristen (we taught her to play Ticket to Ride, and I think it's safe to say she's a fan). Barre class is still going strong for me, and things on the eating front are getting better now that I don't have five kinds of pie to choose from.

I just wanted to check in and say that we're doing well outside of the blissful break. I miss the students (greatly), but I will be ready to enjoy a three day weekend after I lead a tutor training tomorrow morning.

Baby steps, right?

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