Monday, January 25, 2016

Hello Friends

Hello Friends! 

How was your Monday? Mine was super productive. I put spinach in our smoothies, and I think it got us off to a good start. 

Backing up, we had a great weekend. We did not have the wintery weather that the rest of the country has been enduring: it was nearly 70 and sunny in these parts, and we enjoyed it. Friday, we ate delicious Thai food out and watched TV at home. Saturday, after barre, Brendan made us breakfast. Then, I organized the pantry, and he did some work in the yard. I started a book I'm really enjoying called However Long the Night, sipped on tea, and loved cuddling with Lola and Zoe. Saturday night, we went and saw the new Star Wars movie. I thought it was awesome, and it's safe to say that it made me an official fan. I went to bed at a decent hour while Brendan stayed up making his own ginger beer (more on that to come). 

Yesterday, we attended a birthday brunch where our host made us the most delicious Challah Bread Creme Brulee French Toast. It was as good as it sounded, and I enjoyed three mimosas to go with it! We sat outside and soaked up some sun since it was unseasonably nice out. Once home, we really didn't do much outside of laundry and some class prep. Thanks to my cousin, Amanda, I had Sunday night dinner on the table super fast. She made this pesto back in September and froze it. Last night's dinner was every bit as delicious as the batch we ate fresh. Thanks, Amanda! 

This morning, there was an exciting addition outside my office door. I wondered if they thought my students would be lining up for office hours? No such luck, but it was a great teaching day. This week, I seem to have all my old energy back (maybe more energy than my students wish I had). I even wrote a letter of recommendation during my office hours in addition to my other work. All my cylinders were fired up (but maybe it was the leftover pesto I had for lunch).

After work, I waited in line (not nearly as fancy as the one outside my office) at the post office to mail back some ski clothes we borrowed. Once home, I submitted our last warranty AND filed our 2015 taxes (I honestly enjoy doing taxes, and I usually file the day our W2s come out. Even though we never get money back anymore and always owe, I still find filing taxes satisfying...note: this does not apply to doing other people's taxes, sorry). Then, I went to barre class. After that, Brendan and I ate dinner and watched X-files in our pajamas. Brendan says I have asked him a dozen times why the return is only a six episode special. X-files is too fun, and I wish it could go on and on. Bring it back forever, FOX! 

I got a new coat today (I'm sure there will be a picture of it on here soon, unless the weather stays so warm), but tragically, I broke my sunglasses of five years. I will definitely need a replacement. Any ideas? 

We hope your Monday set you up for a great start to the week, 

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  1. I'm 100% with you on X-Files! I missed last night's episode, so I have to catch up.


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