Sunday, February 28, 2016

Hello Houston

How was your week everyone?

Ours was filled with travel, work, and family. We had an extra busy Monday through Wednesday at work. I had three extra meetings and taught two grammar workshops on top of all my normal teaching. Brendan had extra meetings and student conferences. Wednesday, during his hours between teaching 8:00am-2:00pm and going back to teach his night class from 4:30pm-8:30pm, Brendan gave me a ride to the airport. I flew to Houston, took an Uber to the hotel, and proceeded to do what I do best: order room service and watch TV:

I was up early the next morning to do what I do second best: Attend six hour academic coaching workshops! But first, I needed some more room service (not kidding).

While I was workshopping, Brendan was taking his own flight to Houston and picking up our rent car. After a nap, we were ready for some dinner, so we walked to Seasons 52 and had a delightful meal (the flatbreads and beet salad were great) before getting drinks with some co-workers. On our way to dinner, we noticed that Houston was literally overtaken with birds. It was one of the wildest things and reminded me of Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds. We knew we weren't going to get out of the walk without being pooped on. Luckily, it happened on the way back and to Brendan (sorry, Bren). 

Friday, we spent the morning and afternoon going to sessions at our conference (if the words "pathways," "common book," "social responsibility," and "G.I.F.Ts" make sense to you, then you know exactly what we did!). After we finished, we drove to one of my favorite places ever: Mimi's house! We had a delightful evening visiting with Mimi and picked up salad and quesadillas for dinner.

My parents met up with us the next afternoon, and we all met cousins Gant and Amy for lunch at Bakkhaus Taverna, a Greek restaurant in Kemeh, TX.

That evening, my Aunt Sally came over to visit, and after everyone went to sleep, I stayed up grading papers in an attempt to not fall too behind. I actually made it through an entire round before sleeping for nine hours, which felt great.

We all went to a big breakfast this morning, and then we visited some more. I even finished my discussion board grading, just in time for my students to turn in another discussion board...tomorrow. Brendan and I caught a flight home to Midland this evening. The cats are happy to see us, and the only hiccup was that we left a laptop power cord at Mimi's. I guess if that's the worst of your travel day, you had a pretty good travel day.

As soon as I got home, I heated up leftovers and turned on Fuller House on Netflix. I'm currently on episode four. Brendan is looking scared and his take is "this show is really weird." It's pretty cheesy, but I enjoy the nostalgia.

One more week, six more workouts, three more meetings, and two more grammar workshops stand between me and spring break. Wish me luck.

Actually, while your at it, wish us both luck!

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