Monday, February 8, 2016

Superbowl Sunday + A Forgotten Blogaversary!

How is everyone surviving Monday? I personally am sad to see the weekend be over. I love catching up on sleep and quality time together. 

This weekend, we had a blast making our own pretzels for Superbowl Sunday. We followed the recipe in this month's Martha Stewart Magazine. Like many Martha recipes, this one was no joke and definitely not easy. We joked that there could be a SNL skit called "Married Before Martha" in which couples break up over trying to make Martha's recipes. Real dialogue: 
Me: What does it mean for dough to be tight? I just assume that means it stays together, but the dough should also be "elastic," so am I wrong? 
Brendan: I don't know.
Me: Google it. Oh my gosh, should I keep this mixer going or not?! 

In the end, our dough turned out great. We refrigerated over night and started our pretzels the next morning. We cut the dough: 

Shaped it: 

Simmered it: 

Then baked it: 

Then cooled it: 

Then ate our delicious final product with friends at a Superbowl Party. We also made the glorious, glorious mustard recipe to go along with it. 

All told, it was hours in the kitchen, but honestly neither of us feels like that is a bad place to be, so it worked out nicely. 

Okay, I now owe my blog a little apology. You see, I forgot my own blog's birthday on February 1st, which marked 5 years of blogging. 

I can't believe I've been sharing our lives for 5 years. I truly enjoy blogging; it's a great stress reliever and a way to stay connected to family and friends. 

Here are some of my favorite posts from over the years in a bunch of different categories. You can find more favorites here

June 2011
Lola and Zoe's Adoption Story <Adopting my cats was one of my best life decisions. 
The first donate your birthday post <I still do this every year, and I think it's an awesome tradition to start for yourself. 

September 2011:
How to Live With Your Parents as an Adult <Brendan and I did it (successfully) for six weeks! 

November 2011
Stress Free Holiday How tos <The title says it all. 

February 2012
On Being Young and Doing My Job Well < Addressing and dealing with ageism in the workplace. 
Advice For Couples Moving In Together< Written after we lived together 6 months. Still true today. 

May 2012
Reflections After a Year of Adjuncting <What I learned still shapes my career today. 

June 2012
The Greatest Ever Relationship Advice < This comes from my mom, and her advice is awesome. 

July 2012
How to involve husband-to-be in wedding registry< simple ways to make sure you BOTH get what you want. 

September 2013
I recapped our wedding reception. <This is probably my favorite post to look back on. 

October 2013
I recapped the last stage of The New Rules of Weightlifting for Women. <This was such an awesome program, and my results were spectacular. I'd do it again.

November 2014
16 Things I learned From Mimi<The wisest person in my life gives advice. 

January 2015
Month 9.75: Walk Throughs Begin < It's fun to remember the first time that we saw our house finished. 

August 2015
Home Tour, 7 Months In< I'm proud of our home and how we've made it our own. 

Happy Birthday, Blog! 
In celebration of the blog's birthday, please tell us your favorite post or share it, or tell us how long you've been reading. 
Thanks for being here! 

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