Monday, February 22, 2016

What's Up With Us

Hello, friends!

How did your Mondays go? Mine was filled with extra teaching and extra meetings. Since I leave on Wednesday for a conference, I'm trying to squeeze in as much as possible into the beginning of the week.

We had a glorious weekend. On Friday night, we took a group of students from the club we co-advise to see The Little Mermaid at MCT. The show was fun and cute. We literally collapsed into bed the moment that we got home (our 5am Friday wake ups are still a thing, as I have continued to attend 6am barre, and it means we are exhausted after 10pm!)

On Saturday, I was up early for barre class since some of our friends wanted to do brunch during my normal class time. I was done with my workout by 9:30, and we met our friends at Twist at 10:30. Twist is the restaurant inside of Sheraton Four Points, and this Saturday was their inaugural brunch. They only serve brunch on Saturdays. We really enjoyed the make your own Bloody Mary bar. For $10, you had your choice of vodka and access to basically every bloody addition that you could think of.

The brunch food was enjoyable, and most selections were in the $12-$20 price range. Everyone agreed that we would come back to Twist again.

Later that day, I enjoyed the beautiful weather (which was sunny and in the 80s) by relaxing in the hammock. I was even able to finish Mindy Kaling's new book Why Not Me? This book is a light and relaxing read that had me laughing out loud at times. I appreciate Mindy's sense of humor, willingness to admit mistakes, and honesty. The book seems a little "thrown together" to me, and in some ways the "every celebrity writes a book" trend is annoying to me; however, I truly believe that Kaling has some unique and important things to say, and she is certainly a talented comedian, so I can get behind her book happily.

I also had a nice long phone chat with my friend Cole on Saturday, as it was his 30th birthday. Fun Fact: Cole was my prom date, and we cared a lot more about going out to a fancy dinner than we did about going to actual prom. I had a boyfriend at the time that was not happy about not being my date. He was a few years older and had missed his own prom. Cole and I always talked about going together, and I knew he would be a much more fun date since we had a lot of mutual friends. To this day, I'm SO glad that we went together (pay attention high school girls: prom should be about fun, not romance). The fun of prom was probably only upstaged when we crashed a wedding in San Luis Obispo, CA years later. Here's us headed to prom in 2004 (we were pretty annoyed with how many pictures all of the parents made us take, but I'm glad we have them now):

Happy 30th Birthday, Cole. Thanks for never questioning my love of Pinkberry. You are the truest friend anyone could ask for. 

After talking to Cole, I made stuffed peppers and got them started in the crockpot. 

Later, tempted by a margarita machine that our friend Rich mentioned would be there, we headed to the Midland Centennial Library to check out "Otra Vz" by Wayne Hilton. This art will be on display through April 30th, and I highly recommend that all Midlanders go visit! We only took photos of a couple of things, but pictures don't do the art justice, and it's so much more interesting to go look in person. 

Saturday night, we ate stuffed peppers and started our new Netflix obsession: The Fall. This show is a detective show like Broadchurch, but it is ten times scarier and more disturbing. Be warned. 

Sunday, Brendan made this outstanding breakfast: 

Then, I caught up on the phone with my brother Graham before leaving to attend an advanced barre workshop at my barre studio. I thought the workout was going to be thirty minutes, but thirty minutes in, the teacher said fifteen more minutes left. It was so, so tough, but I LOVED it. It was also workout #7 of the week! 

When I got home, I worked on my writing for a couple of hours. Then, I got a phone call from my friend Kristen reminding me of the clothing swap at her house. Brendan was awesome and agreed to make Sunday night dinner (our fancy dining room dinner) by himself. Not only did I get to go have an awesome time with my friends and pick up a few new pieces for my wardrobe, but I also got to return home to Pad Thai. 

After dinner, we watched the new Louis CK show Horace and Pete. This show was kind of like watching live theater. I recommend it, but you have to be in the mood for a stage like experience. 

It really was an ideal weekend. Another busy week is ahead, but thankfully, we have leftover quesadillas from Thursday, stuffed peppers from Saturday, and Pad Thai from Sunday. We don't have to cook all week, and that is one thing off our plates (get it?) 

Have a great night everyone! 

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