Saturday, March 12, 2016

Big Bend Brewery, Davis Mountains Preserve, and McDonald Observatory

Greetings from back home!

Brendan and I finished our week in Alpine with some more adventures. We graded some more on Thursday, and then we set out to Big Bend Brewery for an official brewery tour.

For just $10 per person, you get to try all the beers, have a full pint of the beer of your choice, and take your pint glass home. It was a great time.

We saw how the beer was made and also learned about Big Bend Brewery's plans to expand their business. We even tried some of the new beers.

Someone may have had a little too much fun on the brewery tour:

Once home, we made macaroni and cheese and green beans for dinner. Later, we headed back to the Rangra Theatre to catch Hail Caesar! The theatre was empty, so we got our own private screening. I thought the movie was really funny and enjoyable. Brendan said he thought The Witch was a better movie but Hail Caesar was worth the price of our $6.00 tickets.

The next morning, we woke up, made some oatmeal, and surprise: graded some more. Once we got the work stuff out of the way, we were ready to take advantage of the beautiful day. We left our casita around 1:00PM and headed to the Davis Mountains Preserve to hike the Madera Canyon Trail. 

The hike was a 2.4 mile loop, and it was more like "hiking" at Bull Creek in Austin. In other words, it was not very strenuous, which was fine by us. We enjoyed the scenery, the sunshine, and being together. We did see a rattlesnake, and we think we heard some other rattlesnakes.

The hike only took us about an hour and a half, and the drive back to Fort Davis brought incredible views:

We stopped in Fort Davis for dinner at Maddog's Cantina (I had the veggie sandwich and the hand cut french fries--very tasty!) and Ice Cream at Herbert's Caboose . Then, we were off to the McDonald Observatory for our star party.

We really lucked out because, when we bought the tickets, the forecast was cloudy, which definitely means telescope viewing isn't good; however, we ended up with a perfectly clear night. We dressed really warmly, which we knew to do from past visits, and we enjoyed views of Jupiter, the moon, and many clusters of stars. It was the perfect end to a great trip.

By the time we made it back to the casita at 11:00PM, we were exhausted. This morning, we ate breakfast at the casita, packed up, and headed back to Midland. We listened to season 2 of Serial on the way home, and we only have two episodes left. We made it home before 2:00PM. The cats definitely missed us, and they are happy to have us back. We are happy to have one more day of recuperating and grading before jumping back into the semester.

Spring Break 2016, you were grand.
Far West Texas, we hope to be back soon. Until then, thanks for the great memories.

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