Thursday, March 24, 2016

Building a Front Yard: He Does All the Hard Stuff

Greetings friends!

I haven't done a landscaping update since we got our trees at the end of August last year. Winter was incredibly mild here, and as a result, spring is in bloom with several backyard plants already making a comeback; also, two of our four trees have leaves already.

Brendan has been working incredibly hard. The yard is his second full time job these days. I honestly feel a little guilty that I haven't pitched in much, but I've been trying to make up for it by doing other stuff around the house.

This week, Brendan's project involved a trip to the nursery to pick out more limestone, another trip to the nursery together to pick out plants, and a trip to home depot to buy sand. Then, he did a lot of moving rocks and digging to build us a flower bed in the front.

We choose drift roses for the front flower bed. The reason is because they come back year after year, bloom continuously, and don't require much water. We expect them to grow out rather than up. 

There were several different colors to choose from, but I'm happy that we went with coral.

In other news, we are officially on Easter break! We have both Friday and Monday off, and we plan to enjoy the pretty forecast by working on the yard. We are looking forward to spending time together and sleeping in. Of course, we still have grading to do, but the break will be much appreciated.

What are your plans for Easter weekend? We hope it's going to be just what you want and need.


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