Friday, March 18, 2016

Halfway Boogie

Happy Friday night, Friends!

There's a dance that every teacher knows: the halfway done with the semester boogie!

Okay, it's not a real dance, but if it were, it would look something like this (ignore the inappropriate quote at the beginning):

Probably the best news of my week is that Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt's second season is coming out next month. If you haven't seen this on Netflix, forget Fuller House and watch this instead.

I have submitted final grades for my eight week course (so proud of my students--everyone that continued attending passed with a C or higher and is cleared for credit level English-woohoo!), but this week wasn't easy. Here's a recap:

We were adjusting to horrible daylight savings (why do we do this?) AND Brendan's car decided to not work. Everyone was in a bad mood. After work, we stopped by Autozone to get a new part. I returned to barre class after nine days off (ouch). My day was brightened by my two week old $4 bunch of flowers staying fresh. Sometimes, it's truly the little things in life, you know?

Brendan's car still wasn't starting, so he had to drive me to work and drop me off at the last minute. I suggested a new battery, and lo and behold, that WAS the problem. Just call me mechanic Stacy, auto guru. Brendan used his work from home day to grocery shop and made us this awesome dinner while I was at barre. I love him!

This entire week has been rough for Lola and Zoe. We were out of town four days, in town five days, and out of town for a week because of our work conference and spring break. Lola and Zoe are completely spoiled and definitely miss us when we're not around. This week involved a lot of putting aside work tasks (literally) just to hold these two spoiled cats. It also involved a trip to PetsMart for some calming collars since Zoe has been anxious and chewing on things. Calm down babies; we're home to stay!

Mad faces: stop life planning and pay attention to us!
No one showed up to yoga, so I got my own private lesson. Afterward, Kristen and Alex came over for pizza and salad dinner. These two really brightened up the week for us. Yay friends!

I woke up early to attend barre, but I was in a terrible mood when I left the house because I haven't been sleeping well due to the time change. Class cheered me up, and I came home with renewed energy: I made us breakfast tacos and used my work at home day to do endless (okay four) loads of laundry. I got three of them put away too...only one load is still in the dryer. Let's call that a win!
We did absolutely nothing to celebrate St. Patrick's day (sad, I know), but I did text my friend Kelsey to say happy fourth wedding anniversary! I can't believe it has been four years since we were celebrating Kelsey and Amir. Time flies!
We attended Bill Nye's lecture at the college Thursday evening. This was such an outstanding talk, and it was absolutely packed. The college truly finds some amazing speakers, and these talks enhance the community in many powerful ways. It was interesting (and just as entertaining) to see Bill Nye speak as an adult after watching his show as a child.

I did not set the alarm for barre this morning, and it was a great choice for two reasons: 1.) I'm still not adjusted to the time change and 2.) due to last night's event, we didn't get in bed until after 11:00PM, so waking up at 5:00AM was not in the cards. I felt well rested all day, so I think bowing out was smart.
I got a LOT of tasks knocked out at work this week. It involved saying no to some things, but I did everything that I could. Three extra meetings, lots of administrative tasks for the club we advise, giving all my students rough draft feedback, and finishing grading for the eight week course? Check, check, check, and check!
I got to eat Thai food TWICE today (work served it at lunch AND Brendan and I went to our favorite restaurant here, Thai House, for dinner). I also got to have coffee with a co-worker/friend, and it was a fabulous start the weekend.
After dinner, I graded and submitted my grade book and final grades just in time for Shark Tank and 20/20. Afterward, it was time for a celebratory drink!
Our backyard mint is OUT OF CONTROL, so this week has been mojito week (this photo was taken Tuesday, but I enjoyed mojitos Thursday and tonight as well).

Today was chiller than normal, and I heard on the news that a cold front is moving in tonight (tomorrow's high is 59 after a week in the 70s/80s). Really life? For Saturday?

My parents return from their week long cruise to Jamaica tomorrow, and I can't wait to hear about their trip. Also, tomorrow is this gal's birthday:

Love this picture, love this girl. Happy 28th birthday, Amanda! A cousin is life's way of giving you a forever friend. I couldn't be happier or prouder to have you as mine.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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