Monday, April 11, 2016

Five, Four, Three, Two, One

Greetings faithful readers.

Today's blog post format is from Peanut Butter Fingers, a blog I love to read. I needed some inspiration on what to write about, and this quick survey fits the bill.

FIVE Things We Did This Weekend:
1.) Inducted thirty new members into the English honor society at the induction ceremony on Friday night. I ordered way too much food, so I think the entire division will be eating leftover fruit, veggies, cheese, and cookies all week. Induction is always a special night, and we are very proud of our forty active members and the 178 hours of community service they did, all related to reading, writing, and literature, this school year!

2.) We watched a lot of movies. Brendan had a lot of work to get done this weekend, including readying and sending all the poetry contest entries to this year's judge. We wanted to be social, but deadlines meant things had to get done this weekend. I put on lots of movies while work was being accomplished: Spy, Pitch Perfect 2, and Trainwreck (all on HBO Now by the way). I absolutely loved every single movie, and they definitely had me laughing, which is something I wanted and needed. 
3.) Since our cleaning service canceled, I dedicated a good two and half hours to cleaning on Saturday afternoon. I love the help our cleaning service provides, but since we owe a lot in taxes next week, it was probably a good thing to save the money this time. Cleaning was therapeutic in a way. 
4.) I went to barre class on Saturday morning and a workshop with 30 minutes of barre, 30 minutes of spinning, and 30 minutes of stretching on Sunday. My goal is to workout everyday in April, and so far, it's happening (even though "workout" meant a 35 minute gentle yoga video online on Friday night after induction). I took photos this weekend and compared them to photos from the end of June 2015. I saw some pretty significant changes simply from upping my exercise frequency (no change in diet), and I am motivated to keep going. 
5.) I had phone dates with my cousin Amanda and my best friend Corley on Sunday. It was great to catch up and make plans for seeing my cousin and my bestie this summer. Speaking of summer, I guess it's fitting to say here that we have FIVE more weeks of the Spring semester. I'm trying not to be in countdown mode, but it's hard not to countdown because summer is the best. 

FOUR things I ate: 
1.) I made a macaroni and cheese this weekend with just a fraction of the leftover cheese from induction ceremony. That was a great choice because it made for an awesome dinner, and we still have leftovers. 
2.) I picked up breakfast (breakfast tacos for me!) on Saturday morning at Neme's Food Truck. This place is quickly becoming a weekend staple.  
3.) Brendan bought my favorite kind of chocolate. It's the raspberry/pomegranate flavor made by Central Market. I am savoring our current bar. (PS-Remember when pomegranate was a new thing? I remember buying pomegranate juice for the first time in high school, and it was so novel). 
4.) I found some Sour Patch Kids in the pantry and ate 2/3 of the box this weekend. I can't believe I didn't eat the whole box...points for self discipline! 

THREE things I'm looking forward to this week: 
1.) Eating at my favorite restaurant with Brendan on Friday night and watching my Friday night line up of Shark Tank and 20/20 (I'm so cool). 
2.) The plant show on Saturday morning. Last year, we got so many beautiful plants to put in the backyard, and our efforts have really paid off. Yesterday, I saw a hummingbird enjoying our flowers. 
3.) Two things, so I'm cheating: Sushi with my friends Wednesday night and yoga and beer at the beer garden with my friend on Sunday.

TWO Meals I plan to make this week: 
Honestly, this week won't be a big cooking week for us. 
1.) We are planning Mac & Cheese leftovers one night/hummus and veggies for another night (neither of these things really require cooking) 
2.) BBQ Tofu with baked beans and purple potatoes another night (this is probably as complicated as things will get this week). 

ONE Book I am Reading 
All the Birds in the Sky by Charlie Jane Anders. I read some every night before bed. It's quirky and the characters are absolutely great, but it has a bit of a slow take off. Some of the individual scenes are wonderful, but the plot hasn't pulled me in to the point where I'm reading obsessively yet. I hope it does soon though. 

Feel free to answer one or any of these questions for yourself in the comments. I'd love to hear from you! 

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