Friday, April 29, 2016

The Good (The Bad, The Ugly)

Happy Friday, faithful readers.

We're in the most hectic part of the semester: we have one week left of classes before finals. So, from this point, I write to you about what's going on with my life: The Good (The Bad, The Ugly). I prefer to mostly focus on the good, but what kind of blogger would I be if I didn't tell it like it is? We'll start with the ugly and work our way up to the good stuff.

The Ugly

Mimi fell at the beginning of the week and broke her ankle. The news is a tough pill to swallow because her injury means that she won't be able to live at home where she is comfortable and will have to be in rehab, maybe for as long as three months. The fortunate thing is that she was able to contact help right away and her children are taking good care of her. My aunt Annette was able to be with her immediately and is now returning home, while my dad is on his way to stay with Mimi and oversee the remodeling of her bathroom to make it wheelchair accessible. Mimi is so important to everyone in the family. I have a group text with my cousins where we keep each other updated on what we hear about her status. Mimi is beloved by all that meet her, so please keep her in your thoughts and prayers as she works hard in rehab to make a recovery. At 98, Mimi often reminds me that she won't live forever, but we want her to be here with us as long as she is enjoying it. And Mimi, I really think you're going to enjoy this remodeled bathroom, so just hang in there ;)

The Bad

We've entered "survival mode" and are both experiencing all the physical symptoms of stress that go with it. Read: we're working too much and sleeping too little. We've had a lot of night events at work lately, a lot of additions to our already overloaded schedules, and not very much quality time together. When students become stressed, we are sometimes on the receiving end of "that's not fair!" comments and less than pleasant emails, etc. I know we'll get through it like we do every semester, so it hasn't put a big damper on my spirits; even though I'm tired, I'm trying to stay both upbeat and patient. All teachers and students can relate to the fact that, at this point in the semester, we're all just doing the best we can.

The Good

  • I'll start out by saying that my students have done some awesome work this week. Towards the end of the semester, I sometimes feel like I've given them too much work, and I worry they won't succeed. But, then, they rise to expectations and prove my doubts were wrong, and it's an amazing thing to see that reminds me (again and again) why I do this crazy/awesome/tough/exhilarating thing called teaching. 

  • Brendan worked so hard to organize the final creative writing awards ceremony of the year. This one honored student poets and was judged by Loretta Diane Walker. It was an amazing evening, and I was so proud of all involved. 

  • April is almost over, and with it will end my working out everyday this month challenge. This is good news because as I woke up to rain at 4:45AM, already sore from past workouts, and on a few hours of sleep, it was tough to get up and go workout again. I'm really proud of myself, but boy am I glad that only one more day remains in this challenge! 
  • A co-worker gifted me with a brand new beautiful copy of this book today. I can't wait to read more about the KonMarie way...summer is coming, and I feel a summer project coming on! 
  • This lady still lives in my backyard. I feel so lucky because the only thing cuter than hummingbirds is baby hummingbirds! 
  • The weekend is here. I already celebrated by eating macaroni, and soon, we'll celebrate with movie night with our honor society students (and the arrival of this year's club t-shirts!). I'm SO ready to put aside my stress tonight. 
  • Now that Game of Thrones is back, my weekends are even more exciting. 

Happy weekend friends. We're off to get ready for movie night!

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