Friday, May 27, 2016

An Overdue Update

Howdy, faithful blog readers. I didn't meant to let over a week go by without updating, but life has been quite busy.

Last weekend was a good one. On Friday, I had a microdermabrasion appointment at a friend's suggestion. I went to Medical Spa of Midland, and I have been beyond pleased with the results. Before, I was getting bumps on my cheeks that appeared to be some kind of irritation rather than acne. I am happy to report that the microdermabrasion completely cleared the issue without irritating my skin (I asked them to use the gentlest setting, and I skipped a peel since I have such sensitive skin). Since the appointment, I've been careful to use sunscreen and take extra good care of my skin. Does anyone have recommendations for gentle skin cleansers they love? Lately, I use Cetaphil.

On Saturday, Brendan and I hosted a cook out for our English honor society. It was nice to see the students off to their summers (and for some, they will be transferring to four year schools). However, we had 27 RSVPs and only 10 attendees, which left us with tons of leftovers. As a result, we had to make up things to use hamburger buns for. Cue Brendan's delicious Eggplant Parmesan sandwiches, which I will share the recipe for at a later time.

On Sunday, we were able to eat dinner and watch Game of Thrones with our friends Dagan and Steph, which was a nice way to end the weekend.

We're still teaching our online classes, and that has been keeping us both very busy. I started with eighteen students and still have at least sixteen participating; last year's course only had nine students, so this is more time consuming, but my students are engaged, and I'm enjoying working with them even if it's a lot to keep up with.

This current week passed in a blur. I went to barre class and yoga all week, and we picked up sushi on Tuesday from Market Street to share. We enjoyed Market Street, and we think it's a little better in quality than HEB. For $37, we were able to both enjoy three types of rolls, nigiri, sake, and edamame. We'd call that a cheap date!

We both had dentist appointments on Wednesday, and then we were packing late Wednesday night. We didn't get to sleep until midnight, and we had our alarm set for 4AM Thursday morning to catch a 6:20AM flight to Houston.

We spent yesterday and today working on our classes at Mimi's house and driving to her care center to visit her. The center is really nice, and Mimi has her own room there and still has help from a couple of her favorite aids during the week. She is trying to keep her spirits up, though she is in some pain. It has been wonderful to see her. We are on our way for another visit, and then we will drive to Lake Charles, LA for a five year reunion with some of our best friends from graduate school. More to come on that; you can bet we're excited:

We hope your long weekend is a wonderful one.

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