Thursday, May 19, 2016

Transition or "What Do You Do All Day?!"

Howdy, faithful readers!

We hope your week is sailing right along. Over here, we're in transition mode: Between spring and summer, we each teach one spring interim course online. Answering student questions and discussion posts, grading, and sending daily instructional emails is enough to keep us busy for several hours per day, but when people find out that we're both home all day, they either react with "that's awesome!" or are horrified and ask how we keep from getting annoyed with one another or being bored.

The truth is, we find the situation pretty great. For one, we're used to being around each other all the time. We had twelve hour days together in graduate school, and even during the normal work week, we see each other a lot more than most working full time couples because our offices are right next to each other (what a dream!); we truly don't get annoyed by one another and can both be in the same room working without distracting each other (except when Brendan started playing this and now it's stuck in both our heads. Warning: it's just as bad, if not worse than "Too Many Cooks").

We make an effort to stick to a semi normal routine and we still have enough going on so that boredom is never an issue. Sure, we do sleep in and have been enjoying catching up on the sleep we missed when the semester was at its busiest, but we still get up, make coffee, and start our day by catching up on email, making the bed, and all that normal stuff. We typically work into the afternoon and then take an outing to accomplish whatever is on our to-do list: grocery store, post office, shopping. Note to Midlanders: We found an amazing deal yesterday at the Banana Republic Factory Store and stocked up on basics for summer (save an extra 15% with Retail Me Not code RMN15). We also take care of all the things that we don't take care of during the semester (pest control for the house, doctors and dentist appointments, renewing a driver's license, etc.) In fact, I feel like there are still a lot of things I want to do that I don't have time for yet! We still end our days in much the same way: I'll go to barre or yoga class, and Brendan has been making dinners that are fancier than the norm with his newfound time:
homemade ramen 

Peanut Butter Tofu
After dinner, he usually waters the grass and plants while I clean up. We also like to go walking together when the weather is nice (today was the first nice evening that we've had in several days). I love the longer days of summer! Once we're finished with our classes for the day (usually around 9:00PM), we'll watch a movie or Netflix together. All in all, I'd say the days feel longer now that we're out of the routine, but not in a bad way. I love our start of summer lives. With only 18 students, I especially feel like super teacher. It's a nice note to end the school year on.

So that's our typical schedule for now (though we had some meetings today for a special event), and we're looking forward to an end of year party for our honor society students on Saturday. Things are winding down, but we're still staying busy. And no one's really losing it yet (well, I do have that video I posted memorized, including the dance, so if that counts as "losing it," perhaps I am there!)

We hope you're making the transition between spring and summer as well. The days are getting longer (and soon hotter), but the fun is just beginning.

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