Wednesday, June 29, 2016

30th Birthday!

I filled the last couple of days with maximum celebrating, and I left very little time to blog. It's after 11PM here, and we have a 4AM wake up call, so I'll keep this short.

Yesterday, we went to Amanda and Matt's and played with their foster kittens Charlotte, Wilbur, and Templeton. Aren't they the sweetest?

We tried to go to Musashino sushi, but they had moved and a sushi place called "street" or "dragon street" (we're not sure) had taken its place. We stayed and still had a delightful sushi dinner with everything we love! Hybrid role was my favorite. Here was a little birthday sampler they gave the table:

Today, after a breakfast at Kerbey Lane, I got my hair done with Peyton at Bob Salon:

Peyton says this is called "balayage." I let her do whatever she wants because it always turns out great.

After my hair was beautiful, Dad took us out on the boat to mess it up! Some sacrifices are worth it.

After the lake, my parents took us to the new location of Bufalina pizza (Bufalina Due). It was an absolutely delicious dinner. Margarita Pizza, need I say more?

I got some awesome gifts from my family, including a Kindle from Brendan. Though I've always been adamant about paper books, even I must admit the convenience for traveling is unbeatable. I'll use my new Kindle and report back. I already have about nine books downloaded (most of them were free!) The only thing I recommend that Kindle should do is make this thing smell like a book.

Back at the house, we had cake and champagne with Amanda, Matt, and Elda. It was hard to have anything left to wish for. It was a great day!

I haven't forgotten "donate your birthday," so don't worry. It warrants a separate post this year when I actually have some time to write in a way that does it justice.

Thank you for the kind words and pictures shared on Facebook. I couldn't of had a better day. Tomorrow morning, Connecticut! We wake up in 4.5 hours, so we better get some rest.

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