Saturday, June 25, 2016

Building a Front Yard: Progress in the Desert

Greetings faithful blog readers: this marks the blog's 600th post. Thank you for being here with us in our little corner of the inter-webs: we love sharing our journey with you.

Tonight, I captured some progress in the front yard. Brendan built this cute little flowerbed two weeks ago. You can't see the Lantanas because it's a bit dark, but they're doing nicely!

The front flowerbed is progressing too: 

We even got around to planting some evergreens in the side yard. These are called Texas Sage: 

The side yard is really a project for next year, but we figured something to look at from the office/guest room windows was a nice start.

We are currently attempting to eat everything in our fridge. Our dinner tonight was BBQ tofu, squash & peppers, carrots & garlic, and beets. It was delicious. I poured a little Dr. Pepper on top of the BBQ tofu before placing it in the oven, and it made it a little sweeter than usual. We had a can leftover from a picnic in May, and I couldn't let it go to waste!

Today, I watched Faerie Tale Theatre, a show from the 1980s that I had never seen, with several girlfriends. It was pretty hilarious and nostalgic for many that grew up with it. We made plans tomorrow to see The Conjuring II, and tomorrow night is the season finale of Game of Thrones. I have a feeling I won't be sleeping restfully tomorrow; therefore, I will enjoy my beauty sleep tonight after making some progress on packing. This summer promises to be an adventure: a post on that soon!

Before we sign off: Happy birthday to Brendan's dad and my dad-in-law, Tim. All in the Egans are lucky to have this guy in our lives.


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