Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Weekend in Frisco

When our friends Jill and Ryan moved to Frisco, TX (near Dallas) at the end of October 2014, we were quite sad, but we planned on spending weekends together. Life was hectic for all of us though, and it wasn't until this past March that Jill and I finally got our acts together and planned a weekend for Brendan and I to visit Frisco in June. 

We left on Friday afternoon, and it took about five hours to get to Frisco. The drive was all new to us though, so that made the time pass faster. 

We had seen Ryan in Midland a couple of times over the past two years since he still comes occasionally for work, but this was our first time seeing Jill and Riley and dogs Loki and Brutus since they moved! We had a great night on Friday hanging out on the patio, drinking wine, and eating Guacamole while Ryan grilled up a delicious dinner of lamb chops and grilled peppers. 

Jill and I had too much fun creating new "bitmojis" for me and Brendan. They are these emojis that look just like you. Here's Jill's: 

Here's Brendan's (mine at the end of the post): 

Saturday brought many new adventures. Pancakes for breakfast: 

Swimming at one of the pools in Jill and Ryan's new community, and (much to the delight of Loki and Brutus) a long walk to one of the playgrounds in the community too, so Riley could play. Riley is a delight of a little girl! She's so easy going, independent, and a great sleeper too! She's also hilarious and just kept us all smiling all weekend. Jill and Ryan's new neighborhood is so beautiful and was fun to explore. We loved seeing greenery everywhere! 

We also played one of Ryan's new games "Fief" which was great fun but has a huge learning curve and a twenty page rule book (which we'd highly recommend photocopying). We liked it so much that we played again on Sunday morning, even though it took us three hours! It'd make a great Father's Day gift for a dad that loves super complex games! We finished just in time for lunch at a Greek restaurant, where Brendan and I shared a vegetarian platter with all our favorites: Yum! 

It was an awesome weekend, and we're so glad we made it to Frisco to see our friends! We got caught in some heavy rain on the way out of DFW, but luckily had clear skies for the rest of our drive and made it home Sunday just before the sun went down. 

We can't wait to do it again guys, thanks for hosting us! 

And, before I end this post, I want to use my new bitmoji to say...

Happy birthday to my Dad! He's on a cruise today, and I hope he's having a blast. We look forward to celebrating in a couple of weeks. 


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