Monday, July 18, 2016

Epupa Falls

July 16, 2016
We left kunene River and drove about 3.5 hours to kapika waterfall lodge. It was worth the trip! We were perched way above the falls and could hear them all night. 

We immediately got to hiking to get an up close view. This involved walking right through villages. The village bar was blaring "we fell in love in a hopeless place" and Fleetwood Mac. It was all surreal. 

The 16th was Mimi's funeral, and I was so sad to not be there. Then it made finding this rainbow all the sweeter. 
 Sometimes, life gives us grace when we need it most. 

After the insanely hot walk back, we cooled off in the pool: 

Then, we enjoyed being the only two passengers on the sundowner drive to a lookout over the falls. It was so loud and breathtaking: if only photos could do it justice. I tried. 
It didn't work. I said it was like being in a Jurassic park movie. Brendan said it was better than that, better than any person could dream up. I pointed out the Jurassic park movies are filmed in real places. I was right. So, it was like seeing something at the edge of the world from a different time. We often joke that it feels like a different world here, and it's true. 

Back at the lodge, we ate the best meal of the trip, toasted Mimi, and tried to ignore the large lizard in the room and sleep. We had a huge drive ahead.
<3 s&b 

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