Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Etosha Day One

July 10, 2016
Greetings from Etosha! Today was one of the most amazing days. I'm recounting it before bedtime, so I remember everything. We got an early start by waking up at 6:30 and going to breakfast at the lodge (the lodges all have restaurants. Our breakfasts are always included, and we eat dinner there as well since the gates close at sunset. For lunch, we simply snack). After breakfast, we hit the road for okaukuejo. On the way, we saw many warthogs, an ostrich, and cattle. The drive took us about 3.5 hours with bathroom/gas stops. 

Once here, we checked in with the front desk but our room wouldn't be ready for another two hours. Excited to get exploring, we bought a park map and headed for watering holes: wolfsnes and okondeka. while driving, we saw dik dik, springbok, black faced Impala and also herds of blue wildebeests. While Brendan was photographing wildebeests, I spotted a giraffe. We got moving and got magnificent views of the amazing giraffe. We then went to the watering hole and saw lots of ostrich and a harem of zebras as well as more wildebeests and all the aforementioned antelope types. On the way back, we saw a giraffe carcass and understood why giraffes seem so nervous. We also saw a black backed jackel. 

 Once back at the lodge, an elephant was just waiting for us at the watering hole (our chalet is a few yards from the camp's watering hole). The elephant left and Brendan was bummed that he missed his shot at pictures, but he had no need to worry. Before dinner, we saw 4 elephants and 1 black rhinoceros. After dinner, we saw 7 elephants, 5 rhinoceros, and 10 giraffes. It was harder to get good pictures at night though! 

We also saw our first and only mosquito tonight. We've been on malaria medication for three days now, and we will be using our mosquito net tonight!

We are staying here two nights, and it's a real treat not to have to pack up tomorrow. We plan to explore more watering holes as soon as we're up! 

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