Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Kalahari Desert

Yesterday, we arrived at the kalahari desert after an easy drive (probably 5 hours?) it's crazy how fast the driving time goes by with the scenery, the podcasts, and the conversations. My gosh have we talked and talked on this trip. Traveling always brings us closer in amazing ways. We travel well together-taking on different tasks, only freaking out on separate occasions, and working as a team. There's a magic about it and about this time in our lives. I was tearing up at dinner because it's been so amazing here. I think it's safe to say Namibia has stolen a piece of our hearts. 

Anyway, once at the kalahari, we made arrangements for our final game drive. We completely lucked out because giraffe aren't common in this area, and they were out for us. 

I would never tire of watching these magnificent creatures. They're absolutely breathtaking to come across! 

We enjoyed gin and tonics and another Namibian sunset 
Did I mention I'll miss it here? 
On our tour, we met a French couple and their Italian friend, and a night of hilarity and great conversation ensued. We talked about serious things (political landscapes in our countries, terrorism) and we talked about much lighter things (travel, cursing in foreign languages) and we drank too much champagne. 
And we laughed so much. It was a great way to bring our trip to a close. (Ps--our trip has been a total free advertisement for big bend brewing company--I think I wore this hat every day!) 

Anyway, this morning, we went on a 4.5 mile walk around the property and enjoyed seeing birds-including a heron and owl, mongooses, springboks, an eland, and my favorite 
A warthog who was very surprised to see us!
After our walk, we drove back to Windhoek and made it to our final hotel. We came in on the main highway with many lanes, and I was pretty anxious, but Brendan did a great job navigating it.tonight, we packed up (mostly), then went to dinner at the same place we started our trip- the social restaurant. It was a lovely meal. Now, we're mentally preparing for our long long flight home and rent car return. Brendan drove close to 3,000 miles...the car is insanely dusty, but we'll work on that!

Wish us safe travels with entertainment systems that actually work this time (obviously, not the end of the world but it's nice). Once we make it to JFK, we have to get a car to grand central and a train to CT, so we're in for 36 hours or so of travel, and serious jet lag. Then, we'll travel the next day to Maine (after serious laundry) for some much needed rest and relaxation with the Egans. We can't wait; wish we could teleport. 

At least we have compression socks! 

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