Wednesday, July 27, 2016


Greetings from our 13th and final hotel! This was also our first hotel, so maybe it's 12? Backtracking a bit here...

July 23 and 24, 2016

we had a great time in luderitz. The drive was primarily paved, and that was awesome. We stayed on shark island. Home of a former concentration camp, we later found out. The Germans spent a lot of time and money in luderitz mining diamonds, and we were particularly interested in visiting kolmanskop, a now abandoned former diamond mining town. In its prime, 344 Germans lived in the town and 800 locals worked there. In the 1950s, They had a bowling alley, ice box refrigerators, two story homes, a school, a post office, and public transportation. Now? 
Sand is literally burying the town. 

You can go inside the houses and take refuge from the insane wind. The homes are being covered by the dunes. 
And it's kind of sad honestly. Because it's weird going inside people's old homes and seeing remnants of their lives in this place that honestly has an environment extremely non-conducive to living in. And because I couldn't help but think of midland, my home also built around a boom/bust economy and also out in the middle of nowhere. 

It was really neat to see, and I even was goofy. It's just a little haunting too. 
We didn't find any diamonds, and we headed back to town for lunch. Later, we toured the goerke haus, home of a manager of the diamond mine. 

After that, Brendan's favorite: 
The oysters here are awesome. We ate them on three occasions. Brendan was in heaven! 

Up next: fish River canyon! 
<3 s&b 

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