Wednesday, July 13, 2016

More Etosha + ongula homestead village

I'm Greetings from ongula! Today, we woke up early and looked for more game in Etosha. We saw a lion. We Think. We saw an Eland for the first time. Also a lilac breasted roller (most beautiful bird), more giraffe and zebra and other antelope like oryx and kudo. Yesterday, we saw an elephant on the side of the road about ten feet from the car. It was a little scary! No zoom here:

Also, an elephant broke into our resort last night 

Apparently, elephants do what they want! 

Here's a picture of some of our accommodations so far: 

These are official national parks. I wish big bend had places to stay like this!  

Tonight, we are at ongula village. It took a little over three hours to get here.
We have a rondavel. We are staying in a village to experience what life is like here. Tonight, a group of girls performed dances and songs. They wore traditional skirts but American shirts (like from American youth stores). I was extremely affected by the experience. Three of the girls are 14, and some of the girls will marry at 15. I try not to apply a western lens to everything I see. The girls seem happy and cared for. But I felt emotional, and I felt changed by the experience. I can't and won't forget it. 

For dinner, we ate a traditional meal prepared by the villagers. It included chicken from the yard, millet porridge, rice, boiled nuts, wild spinach, white bean sauce and mopane worms. Yes, I ate worms. I can't recommend them, but I'm glad I tried.

I have to rest because tomorrow we will have a morning with the villagers before driving to kunene river. Here's a picture of me by the well: 
See mom, I'm fine! 
<3 s & b 

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