Wednesday, July 20, 2016


July 19 and 20, 2016
Greetings faithful blog readers! Here we are in swakopmund: fun to spell, fun to say! We got in the car a little after 9am yesterday and proceeded with our drive through skeleton coast park. On the way we saw lots of giraffes, a shipwreck, crazy dunes, and a thousand year old plant. This is meta: 

We stopped for fish and chips lunch. Total cost: less than $10. We haven't talked about the awesome exchange rate yet: currently 14 to 1. We went to dinner tonight and had sushi and a bottle of wine for about $35. Brendan bought three pairs of leather shoes today for less than $100. You get the idea. 

Our drive yesterday was leisurely (stopping to take pictures, etc), and we made it to swakopmund at 6pm. We immediately booked a tour in walvis bay for today.

We went on a catamaran with ocean adventures. First stop, pink flamingos 

Then, out on the ocean, where pelicans and seals came to us. 

We learned all about Namibia's oyster farms and enjoyed champagne and oysters while watching Benguela dolphins. It was a beautiful day! My favorite are the Pelicans; look at them!

Up next: shopping for leather shoes (for Brendan) and house tapestries (for house). We have no idea how to fit it all in the suitcase,but it'll work somehow! When you find things you love, you can always find some magical extra space. This is a law of physics. 

Tonight: sushi dinner. A huge treat after so many nights of lodge dinners which are quite heavy meals. 

Tomorrow: sossusvlei! A mere 5 hour drive? It's scenic and we have lots of podcasts. 
<3 s&b 
Missing L&Z to the point where I'm just looking at pictures of them :( I'm sure they're in good hands with my cousin this week though. 

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