Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Waterberg Rest Camp

July 9, 2016
Greetings from waterberg rest camp! Today was crazy. We ate breakfast in Windhoek, and after making seven phone calls, tracked down Brendan's iPad and drove 40 minutes out of route to retrieve it. It ended up being a very fortunate thing because while we were at the airport getting it, we realized the car cigarette lighter wasn't working (big problem when you need to use your GPS). Thus, we exchanged our rent car for an identical one with a working cigarette lighter and got on the road. Along the drive, we stopped to pick up some snacks. We are a bit confused about humor here. No one seems to get our jokes though language isn't a huge barrier. Oh well. I looked at our reservations and realized with horror that if we didn't make it by sundown, we'd be locked out. We made it about 50 minutes beforehand. Right outside our chalet were baboons of all sizes and dik-Dik. My friend Steph warned me of baboons. After we took some photos, one started screaming and charging us. I thought it'd jump on us or bite us. I ran and Brendan (more helpfully) scared it away. Yikes! 

We ate dinner here at camp. Afterwards, we stargazed. The park wasn't crowded or lit much, so we had a view of more stars than we'd ever seen and an amazing close up of the Milky Way. We leave for etosha tomorrow. This time, we will get an early start, so we don't need to stress about making it to the resort before the gate closes! 

I have limited megabytes, so I won't upload too many photos.

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