Thursday, August 25, 2016

A Painful First Week Back

Greetings fellow blog readers!

It has been a rough first week back. On Monday, bad news from my auto insurance about an incident back in June where another driver hit me (nothing serious: everyone is fine), and after two months, they still cannot process the claim correctly.

On Tuesday, I pulled a muscle getting out of bed (yes, I am getting old). As my alarm went off, I pushed my head back reflexively (but my head wasn't well supported by my pillow at the time) and heard a pop sound. Then I had pain in my neck and shoulder when moving my head side to side or up and down. Using ice and Salonpas has improved things quite a bit. My shoulder is no longer hurting, but my neck still hurts, and it's enough to make me too weary of attending barre class, so now I can't do one of my favorite things until this heals :(

Overall, I'm feeling really exhausted (it's hard to sleep with your neck hurting), but I will say that today is going better than yesterday. It does appear my neck is healing on its own. Now if only it would be instantaneous!

 My office looks nice at least. I'm telling myself to enjoy it now, as it will be trashed in two weeks and never cleaned again until January. My "organization" style=mostly chaos.

Here's a hilarious video if you, like me, need a laugh today.

I hope everyone's week is less painful than mine. Hang in there friends; it's almost Friday!

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