Saturday, August 13, 2016

BackTracking: 4th of July and Celebrating Three Years

Greetings faithful blog readers!

I still have to go back in time to cover more of the summer fun.

After Tara and Dominic's beautiful July 3rd wedding, we started our Fourth of July off with an awesome post wedding brunch: we had delicious food and great conversation with the newlyweds. Then, we checked out of the wedding hotel, grabbed a coffee, and saw The BFG while waiting for our AirB&B space to be ready.

That night, we went to a Grucci fireworks show in Farmingville. They had a Billy Joel cover band and a beautiful display. We had not spent a Fourth of July in the states since 2013, so it was really nice. We were able to buy dinner and drinks and have a little picnic.

The next day was our three year anniversary. We went for a hike at nearby Avalon Park.

And afterwards, we took a very cold swim at our AirB&B. Our hosts couldn't have been more awesome. They had a cooler full of beer next to the pool and told us to help ourselves :) If you need a place to stay in Stonybrook, I have a recommendation.

After showering and getting ready, we ate a nice dinner at Mirabelle Tavern and exchanged anniversary gifts (we both got each other wallets for our leather anniversary). The meal was excellent.

The next day, we dropped off the rent car in Long Island and took the train to NYC where we stayed with my friend Corley. We met up with friends from Austin, Cassie and John, who also happened to be in NYC. We went to the Museum of the Moving Image (highly recommended), a bar called Sweet Afton, and a delicious Indian food restaurant that I can't remember the name of (also in Astoria) for Corley's birthday. Somehow, I didn't take photographs of any of this (what?!), but I guess it's a sign that I was totally lost in the day with friends. Returning to NYC is always an experience. Sometimes it's easy to forget the joy of what it feels like to be able to walk everywhere and to have everything at your fingertips.

We got some sleep, learned the news of my grandmother the next morning, and left for Africa feeling very sad. It was an emotional couple of days to say the least.

When we landed in Namibia, we had to sit through a powerpoint presentation at the rental car office about all the most dangerous roads in Namibia (and, of course, our itinerary had us driving almost all of them). Obviously, I don't post things like this until after our mothers are assured that we are safe, but driving from the airport to our first hotel in Windhoek, I think we both were thinking "what were we thinking?!" Luckily, we didn't have any problems.

I'll do some Maine backtracking next, and then we'll resume blogging in the present.

Happy Saturday everyone!

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